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All of this information is now being maintained in a new LTI Project page.   The term "Basic LTI" was changed to be "LTI 1.0" as the specification was released.   The word "Basic" is no longer used by IMS to describe the standard at all.


  1. Two questions:
    1. Is there a particular reason this is done as a portlet? Forgive me if this is a stupid question.
    2. Out of scope, probably, but what would it take to make a tool an LTI producer?


  2. What are the chances that one or more of the publishing companies would have an interest in committing to help maintain this?

  3. I just filed a Jira on the UX for this, as simple as it is:
    Nothing serious, but I'd ask the product council to ask Chuck (or someone) to take a look at this (smile)

    I love the fact that nightly makes this available to check out!