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  • 2009 Sakai Fellows Program
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2009 Selection Committee

Clay Fenlason
David Haines
Peter Knoop
Michael Korcuska
Seth Theriault
Anthony Whyte
Beth Kirschner
Stephen Marquard
Randy Newbrough

Selection Criteria

The only hard and fast rule that the committee applied this year was that previous year's Sakai Fellows could not reapply. Otherwise the selection criteria were as outlined generally on the Apereo Fellows page.

2009 Schedule

07-Apr-2009 (Tuesday)

Post call for nominations. (Nomination Form)

04-May-2009 (Monday)

Nomination deadline.

28-May-2009 (Thursday)

Selection deadline and winners notified.

July 2009

Awards ceremony at the 10th Sakai Conference in Boston.

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