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  1. Add WYSIWYG editor for mail composition (done)
  2. Add ability to send attachments (done)
  3. Configuration (2.3 release - 4th quarter 2006)
    • Mailtool Classic required manual (admin) configuration of its properties to identify the host site, the appropriate realms, the mail archive channel, etc. The net result is that the mailtool could only effectively be added to a worksite as an admin action. Current work aims to eliminate this need through what we can call "auto-configuration" (done)
    • Some of the configuration details can and should be handled by site maintainers, and so in addition to auto-configuration a new screen will be available for site maintainers to override default config properties. (done)
  4. Group Awareness (2.4 release - 2nd quarter 2007)
    • The Mailtool currently allows users to send messages to targeted roles within a site, but there is a strong user expectation for being able to target site groups as well.(being QA-ed)

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