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New release!

Mail Sender 1.6.3 is out and available at

Mail Sender is a drop-in replacement for Mailtool but with a slightly different approach. While general functionality is the same, some items have been removed to help with source maintenance and to enhance the user experience. Permissions and tool ID from mailtool are preserved in Mail Sender to help as a drop-in replacement.

Mail Sender is released independently and is included as a core tool starting with the Sakai 2.9.0 release.

Differences from Mailtool

  • Implemented using RSF. The original JSF implementation made several full cycle calls back to the server when performing even simple tasks such as selecting a checkbox or clicking a link to show more recipients within a group. This has been changed to use AJAX to show the recipients in the groups without refreshing the screen.
  • Lazy loading of recipients. The initial screen is minimal is quick to load. To build the screen up after the initial page load, AJAX is used to retrieve data from the server and is cached locally. Subsequent calls for previously retried data will refer to the local cache. This will help users that suffer from long page loads as a result of a large list of possible recipients.
  • Fewer recipient selection views. Rather than having 3+ views to change between for selecting recipients, Mail Sender has one view that strives to be a "best of" sampling from previous views along with new features that bring forward the design of the interface. The new interface uses Roles, Sections, and Groups as selection starting points.


  • v1.6.3 (release January 12, 2011)
    • Current stable 1.6 release that uses an internal mail server (commons-email) to send messages. It is suggested to migrate to 1.7.0 if possible.
  • v1.7.0 (to be release September, 2011)
    • Upcoming release that uses the Sakai EmailService to send messages and drops commons-email. Supports Sakai versions that run on the kernel (>= v2.6.0).
  • v2.0.0 (TBA)
    • Development version for review of converting Mail Sender from RSF to Wicket.



Building is like any other standard maven project.

mvn clean install





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