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The currently (Feb., 2007) recommended version of the mailtool code is the 2.3.x maintenance branch in contrib, as it is the 2.3.1 tagged release with the addition of fixes that have been vetted in production:

The latest tagged release of the mailtool is 2.3.1, and was developed against the 2.3 codebase. You can download the tag here:

Feature List

  • Compose email messages in either plain text or HTML formatted mode
  • Browse the desktop for attachments
  • Append messages to the email archive if desired
  • The choice of 5 different interfaces for recipient selection:
    • By user
    • By role
    • Collapsible role-user tree
    • Side-by-side scrolling lists
    • Single scrolling list
  • Site maintainers can configure site-wide settings for tool
    • Recipient-selection View
    • Copy self
    • Add to archive
    • Reply-to
    • Formatting/plain text
    • Rename roles, if enabled by administrator


Compose Screen, select recipients by role

Compose Screen, side-by-side recipient selection

Options Screen

Bottom area, "Rename Roles" will be OFF by default.


Simply download the latest tag into a "mailtool" directory at the top level of your Sakai source, and do a new build with maven.

Mailtool has a few settings in

mailtool.max.num.attachment=  # the default is unlimited  # for handling uploaded attachments.  The default is /tmp/  # the default is "no". "yes" will turn on "Renaming Roles" in options

Mailtool defines two permissions:

  • mailtool.admin - allows site maintainer to see and edit the "options" page
  • mailtool.send - the mailtool code itself never actually checks this permission; it's made available simply for the portal to hide the tool altogether from certain roles, to cover the use case where a site maintainer does not want "access" users to use the mailtool.

User Documentation

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