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Configurations (Test preparations)

Mailtool should function adequately OOTB for *nix systems (i.e. systems which have /tmp), but attachments may have a problem on Windows systems without configuration.  Group awareness will also typically need configuration, and is the only setting left un-commented below.  The specific mailtool settings which will be documented for 2.4 are:


# Maximum number of allowed attachments per message.  If below setting is not set, the default is 10000.  If set to zero, attachment capability will be disabled.
# mailtool.max.num.attachment=

# Temp directory for handling attachment files.  Default is /tmp

# Reveal additional config options on "Options" screen for renaming roles.  Default is false.

# Roles which should be group-aware in the interface, comma-separated.,access

Mailtool's mail-sending also need the following settings in

#####Mailtool is looking the following global settings: Three (3)



#Note: content.upload.max is being overrided in web.xml's "upload.max", default=5 (5 MB).

#If there is no "upload.max" in web.xml, "content.upload.max" will be the max attachment's file size
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