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About the tool

The Live Virtual Classroom Tool (LVC) was originally developed in 2006 for Sakai 2.2 as part of engagement between Mesa Community College (MCC) and rSmart. Since that time MCC has agreed to open source the code, and rSmart has ported the code forward to 2.6.

The tool allows users to manage webcast sessions from within Sakai: scheduling sessions, joining current sessions, viewing recording of old sessions, etc. The first iteration works with Elluminate Live!.

The tool is not intended to be single integration with only Elluminate. The front end is sufficiently separated from the backend to allow for integrations with other webcasting tools by simply swapping out the service level implementation. Those wishing to extend the functionality need only to extend VirtualClassroomServiceImpl and re-implement the communication layer with the external webcasting tool. We hope to provide support for Adobe Connect and Wimba in the near future using this mechanism.

The Elluminate integration provided in the Live Virtual Classroom tool differs from the integration Unicon has done, that work can be found here, The Unicon work is for Elluminate's hosted offering, the LVC tool supports the standalone server offering. Sorry, I forget the marketing names for these two things.

Features and Screenshots

  1. Schedule one time or re-occurring meeting from within Sakai.
  2. Edit and delete scheduled meetings and recordings.
  3. Automatic creation of moderator users in Elluminate. Not necessary for just participants, this is Elluminates recommendation.
  4. Join active meetings from within the Sakai tool
  5. Watch recordings of past meeting from within the Sakai tool
  6. Filter and sort lists of meetings and recordings from within the Sakai tool
  7. Ping Elluminate server - handy feature to check configuration and status between the servers.
  8. Option to create private meetings, this forces both user and moderator creation on the Elluminate server.

The CLE maintains a list of what meetings are associated with what Sakai sites, so users of different sites only see and manage their specific meetings.

Video Demonstration

For a screencast demo of the tool go here



This document detail an installation for 2.6.0 version of Sakai, for other version you may have to adjust poms.

First checkout Sakai 2.6.0 if you don't have it already

svn co sakai-2.6.0

The tool depends on the rsmart common library, check this out into your sakai-2.6.0 working directory.

svn co rsmart-common

Grab the source for the tool in contrib, check this out into your sakai-2.6.0 working directory

svn co virtual_classroom

Update the top level pom.xml in the root of your sakai source to include the two new modules

Index: pom.xml
--- pom.xml     (revision 63390)
+++ pom.xml     (working copy)
@@ -203,6 +203,8 @@
+        <module>rsmart-common</module>
+        <module>virtual_classroom</module>

So at this point you should have something like the following:

    - rsmart-common
    - virtual_classroom
    pom.xml (changes)

Now you are ready to Build and Deploy Sakai in the normal way.

mvn install sakai:deploy


There are several properties you can adjust in the At a minimum you need to set virtual_classroom.server.address, virtual_classroom.server.port, elluminate.sys.user, and elluminate.sys.pass.

# ip address or dns name of the machine where the virtual classroom server is running.

# port on which the virtual classroom server is listening.

# the name of the adapter in elluminate which the CLE talks to

# default capacity to use when creating a new virtual classroom session

# specifies the maximum number of concurrent users allowed by the virtual classroom server across the whole system

# specifies the time (in minutes) prior to the scheduled start time of the virtual classroom session during which a user can join. The options are any valid whole number between 0-60.

# elluminate configuration, the system user/password the CLE uses to communicate with elluminate on the back end

Elluminate Configuration

In ELM Manager goto Preferences/JNLP prefs and make sure both check boxes are off. Having these on will cause problems trying to play back recordings.

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