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Learning Path Tool

The Learning Path tool can be used to provide students with a path through Sakai by following a predefined set of learning actions. This is especially useful in distance learning situations where students rather than a tutor have control of choice. The tool is based on the Learning Path specification which defines a learning path as: "a set of one or more learning actions that help to achieve particular learning goals". By actions we mean thinks like taking an online lesson, a face-to-face class or an exam. Actions can be clustered to respresent things like semesters, themes, competences or whatever structure you use in your curricula.

In Sakai the learning path can span multiple worksites by linking multiple learning paths together. Actions in the learning path can point to other Sakai tools that have registered themselves as action providers. For example if you have a tool that you use for online lessons you could register that tool with the learning path so that you can point to those lessons from the learnign path. The software has been designed in such a way that you can write your own actions providers to plugin to the Learning Path tool.

Learning Activities (Lessons) Tool

The Learning Activities tool is such an action provider. With this tool you can build a simple activity sequence (called learning process or lesson). The activities in the learning process can link to other tools (eg Assignments, Mneme) in Sakai or Sakai resources. Students can mark the activities as completed to track their progress.


  • Learning Paths can be defined at program or course level
  • Learning Paths in different worksites can be linked together (eg link a course worksite to a program worksite)
  • In a 'program worksite' you can create and organise a curriculum (learning path) of course modules
  • Course modules can be grouped into clusters such as years, semesters, themes etc
  • Students can navigate from a program worksite to course worksites by clicking on the courses in the learning path
  • Instructors can select students to see how far they have progressed through their learning path
  • Actions (the leaves in the tree) in a learning path can be linked to Sakai entities that have been registered as learning path actions. For instance a lesson.
  • Learning Activities supports linking to Assignments, Mneme, OSP Matrices, Resources




See:  Installation Instructions

Project info

Contributed by: Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (LOI)

For more info please contact: Mark Breuker 

Development team:

  • Andrei Chirila
  • Horatiu Cherebetiu
  • Mihai Rus
  • Tania Tritean
  • Vasile Orza
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