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Script Asylum Terms of Use

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(warning) Commercial redistribution is prohibited.

Copy of License Text

This is from the files themselves...

Q: (Terms of Use) Does it cost anything to use the scripts/documentation found here?

A: No, everything found at (and its sub-pages) is considered freeware. However, all materials found here are copyrighted by myself or the contributing developer (for those whose submitted entries appear at this site). Information on copyrights can be found at for those interested.

Use of these materials are limited to personal and commercial use as long as long as credits are left intact. Modification of the original material is permitted as long as credits for the original developer(s) are left intact and permission is granted by the developer(s).

Freely redistributing materials found here is permitted provided credit is given to the author. The contributing developers at this site will not be held responsible for the notification of newer version releases.

Under no circumstances will any of the material found at this site be used or redistributed, in whole, or in part, for profit. This will be strictly enforced and offenders will be prosecuted to the limit of the law.

The intent of this site is to provide aspiring webmasters free javascripts/DHTML and reference materials to help them build their own site. Again, the materials here are free, but if someone would like to donate a small token of appreciation, please use the following Paypal link:
Other developers' contact information should appear in their work.

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