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Proper Name Salutation,

I'm writing you on behalf of the Sakai Project (, an open source project for the higher education community that involves nearly 100 universities, colleges, and institutions of learning around the world.

A non-profit organization called the Sakai Foundation has recently been established to help coordinate and support the project, and as part of that effort, we are seeking to document that the authors of open source software that would be included in distributions of the Sakai software have given their permission, and that they are in fact the original authors of the software. We are seeking your permission to use the following:

List of libraries or description of code

The Sakai Foundation uses a form modeled closely after the form that the Apache Foundation asks contributors to sign. A copy is attached for your review. The Sakai software would itself be released under the OSI Certified Educational Community License (ECL) ( We would very much appreciate an opportunity to speak briefly with you and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you very much on behalf of the Sakai Foundation,

your name & email

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