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Open Learning Analytics Ecosystem


The goals of this concept is to design & developed a comprehensive Learning Analytics framework conducive to perform open, high performance & scalable analytics. The ecosystem plays an important role in abridgment of various focused analytical innovation efforts with in Apereo.

The ecosystem designed should contain:

  • Definitions of Learning Analytics standards - defining metric that are crucial to gain better insights about learner activity
  • Learning Analytics Data repository - A data collection framework with strict adherence to the defined standards
  • Learning Analytics Engines - comprising of tools like Early alert systems, social network analysis, site statistics, course recommendation systems, intervention recommendation engine etc. to perform targeted analysis for various stakeholders 
  • Learning Analytics Dashboarding framework - an LMS independent , widget based modular framework to support delivery of meaningful insights to student, faculty & management perspectives
  • Intervention Engine - design personalized intervention plans based on student requirements.


Open Learning Analytics Ecosystem Concept.pdf

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