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Learning Analytics Initiative (Apereo LAI) @ Open Apereo 2014 conference

The aims of the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative (Apereo LAI) are to accelerate the operationalization of Learning Analytics software and frameworks, support the validation of analytics pilots across institutions, and working together so as to avoid duplication.

Community members presented their work at the Apereo 2014 conference.



Session title





11:00 am.

Student Success Plan

Open Analytics

Symphony 1

Project talks

1:00 pm.

Updates from the LAI community

Symphony 1


3:15 pm.

Learning Analytics Initiative


Birds of a feather (BOF)



2:00 pm.

Learning Analytics Technologies

Concerto C


5:30 pm.

Learning Analytics Corner

Including: Learning Locker LRS, xAPI (Sakai, OAE), SNAPP, OAAI, SSP

Symphony 3 & 4

Showcase Demo Reception



8:30 am.

Sensemaking with learning Analytics: The need for openness

George Siemens



10:45 am.

SNAPP forum analysis tool for Sakai

Concerto D



Please be aware times and locations may change

Presentation Materials at Open Apereo Conference

Visit (our wiki) for updates on our current activities and information on getting involved.

If you are interested in working towards a community sourced learning analytics infrastructure, incubating software, sharing requirements, cross validating analytics pilots, while working in a wider community of interest then please contact the Apereo LAI coordinator or join the mailing list

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