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A series of hackathons have been planned or have taken place.
This page will keep you up to date. If you have questions feel free to contact Alan at alan.berg AT

Planned Events


Past Events

LAK15:Dashboard buildingLAK15: Marist College. USA2 day event at the University of Amsterdam. 1 day event gathering requirements. The second day for building a dashboard backed off to a Learning Record Store.March 2015


UvA: Dashboard buildingSurf/UvA: University of Amsterdam. NL2 day workshop at LAK15. 1/2 day for technological review. 1 1/2 days for building on top of the open dashboard.February 2015



Material and structure for developing your own Apereo LAI hackathon

Currently there are plans for a number of hackathons. We wish to keep the requirements central so that we can understand and share the feedback from a wide constituency.

Note: The evidence pages will be kept under the individual hackathon pages.

Blogs on events etc.