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The University of Oxford is enhancing the Entity Broker interface to the Site Stats (Statistics) tool: STAT-370 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Here are some initial ideas for the reports that could be useful: this really is a first guess and we would welcome any further suggestions.

The idea is to create Site Stats reports and then add them as predefined reports to the Site Stats tool so that every site has a copy. A series of Javascript-enabled visualisation pages could then be written which are provided as part of the Sakai download, these pages could be linked to from within specific tools, eg, Resources, Forums, Chat, Site Info and would allow visualisation of 'activity' from within these tools. This may be useful:

  • Aggregated visual summary of access, individual tool activity or 'aggregated activity' for an individual site with the ability to drill down into individual user activity, examples,
    • bar chart of total site accesses or various time periods (week/month/year), one bar per student  
    • for a single student calendar chart of accesses (week/month/year)  
    • bar chart of forum posts, one bar per student (week/month/year)  
  • Visual dashboard for tutor from within Gradebook, eg, results at a glance for Assignments & Mneme (& Samigo but Oxford doesn't use Samigo),
    • all students for one task (assignment, test, assessed forum etc)
    • one student across all tasks
    • average ranking in class for all students
  • Number of clicks, ie, events
    • bar chart of all events, one bar per student (week/month/year)
    • for a single student: activity profile (week/month/year)
  • Resources access
    • bar chart of most accessed resource, one bar per file (resource)
    • bar chart of number of different resources access, one bar per student
    • average number of times a document is accessed buy the same person:  ie, why have students on average opened Document X 6 times - is it good? is it hard to understand?
    • (present statistics with specific documents excluded (eg, site logo))

  • Reading Lists  (RL)
    • need to store who clicked on an individual RL item and when  
    • present a profile of individual users:  
      • which items accessed  
      • number of times accessed  
  • Measure how the system is being used within a site or across the whole system (so the administrators and site owners can draw conclusions about tool usage) 

    • how many tutorial signups?
    • number surveys created? 
    • assignments routed the through TurnItIn
    • number of launches of tools on a given site
    • % sites containing tool X (for each tool)
    • time of day when people access 
    • % site members who have visited the site (overall or in a given period)
    • sites created from templates
    • % current students who have logged in
    • how much a tool is being used
      • how many threads / posts per Forum
      • number of tests in Mneme
      • number polls with number of responses

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