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This page will be improved as the number of hackathons increases.

Details from the LAK15 hackathon


Infrastructure details.

The infrastructure represents a subset of a realistic campus wide deployment.The infrastructure is based on the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative, including Sakai LMS connected via the xAPI standard to a Learning Record Store (OpenLRS) and to the OpenDashboard project.

Note: We will explain the infrastructure, the data collected and the related standards during the first half day of the hackathon.

Attendees, please find the Hackathon Environment set up instructions enabling you to have a head start for your local development. If you don't have time to do this prior to the hackathon (or run into trouble setting up the development environment), don't worry - we will help you get it set up onsite. 

Communication Channels

We have set a slack collaboration room as a single point of communication accross and with in teams. The participants can create sub chat channels, share code snippets, google docs etc. which can be useful. We would like to keep track of the collaboration among attendees st and beyond the hackathon. Please check your inbox for an invite from .

Please sign up for Slack.

Slack room :

Apereo Google drive

The google drive has access to the presentations, data extracts for hackathon. Please also create and commit artifacts into this drive.

Also use github to keep track of the code developed/changes. Teams leaders create a github repository for your team. Towards the end of the hackathon we will include this repos into Apereo LAI github.

Hackathon Environment requirements




Java 7+ (JDK)


Feel free to use either the Oracle JDK or OpenJDK.


Oracle JDK Download and Installation


OpenJDK Download and Installation




Feel free to use any git client that you are comfortable with. We'll provide details on the repository, which branch to use, etc at the hackathon.


Git Download and Installation


Maven 3


We'll be using Maven 3 as our build and dependency management tool.


Maven 3 Download and Installation




We'll be using MongoDB as our default backend data store.


MongoDB Download and Installation




Use any source code editor that you are comfortable with. If you don't already have a source code editor or IDE here are some options:


Spring Tool Suite (based on Eclipse)

IntelliJ IDEA



Once you have all of the required software and tools listed above installed you can clone the OpenDashboard project from github. View project on github - note we will not be using the master branch for the hackathon; branches will be created for each hackathon team.

  1. Create a new directory that will contain the OpenDashboard project source code
  2. Navigate to your newly created directory
  3. Issue the following git commands (or perform the equivalent commands from your git client) 
    1. git init
    2. git clone
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