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Welcome to the K-12 Workgroup

Lead(s): Michael Korcuska


This group is for anyone in the K-12 space that is currently running a Sakai install as well as anyone interested in the expansion of Sakai in the K-12 realm.

To help navigate the overwhelming volume of resources in the Sakai community, we've provided some recommended action items:

  1. Create a confluence account.  Confluence is the wiki used to document the Sakai product itself as well as the business processes related to the larger community. You can view materials without an account, but if you want to comment on, edit, or create your own new content, then you need an account. You can request an account by emailing
  2. Join the K-12 email list.  Post questions or comments to this list by emailing You can join here:
  3. To share resources we've created a Sakai instance which you can join.  We hope that as the K-12 community grows, material we share will grow also.  Currently, we have a few portfolio matrix es and template you can download and use in your install:

Once you begin using your install there are a number of Sakai community resources that will help:


Our focus right now is on the following:
  • Create a community of current K-12 Sakai users
  • Develop a method of sharing K-12 resources
  • Develop a CLE model where students throughout the world can engage each other in an safe "walled garden" environment
  • Explore opportunities to further develop the K-12 Sakai community

Events of Interest

K-12 Sakai Implementations

Organization (location)

Hosted/  Self Hosted (Platform)

Method of Authentication

Method of Course Creation & Population

Primary Focus

Primary Audience


# of District/ Schools

Potential # of Users

Contact  for More Infomation

Alameda County Office of Education (SF Bay Area)





Teachers (Professional Development) to start

Live but not very actively used yet



Tina Silverstein

Rhode Island Network for Educational Technology (RI)




High School Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements

High School Students and Teachers

Production Fall 2007



Steven Foehr, Jane Eslinger,Nathan Wood,Kevin Longo

K12 Sakai Collaborative

Hosted (linux)



Collaboration/LMS/Digital Portfolios

All levels K-12

Production 6/2008


12/2009 (12 districts) Growing

Mary Rubega

Universidad de la Punta(San Luis, Argentina)





To have better performance in Maths, Lengua, Phisycs and Naturals sciencies in children belong K12 using IT inside classroom

Students belong to 4th to 12th grades



(30 elementary school, 100 teachers and 2000 students)

Anibal Carmona

Bexley City School District (Bexley, Ohio USA)




Collaboration/LMS and portfolio exploration.

In Production


(5 schools)

Paul Ross

Primary Focus: LMS, Collaboration, Portfolio, etc.
Primary Audience: Teachers, Students, Administrators, Parents
Status: Pilot or Live/How Long

Requirements (add a page with label "k12reqs" to be included)

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