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  • 11-18-2008 Wiki Demo
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Wiki Demo to the K12 Group of the Sakai Community

This space is intended to support Mathieu Plourde's presentation during the Tuesday, Nov. 18 demo of the Sakai wiki. All the resources are numbered to make the process easier.

I. Presentation Material

1. Introduction

Mathieu Plourde, Instructional Designer, University of Delaware

  • I was mandated to look at wikis to determine their value for our institution.
  • Made a report (look at the general resources below) and multiple presentations on the value of using wikis in education.
  • UD has implemented Sakai in full production in September 2008 to replace WebCT 4.1. We are in a transition period until Spring 2010.

2. About Wikis

Slide 2.1: A web page

Slide 2.2: A wiki page

Slide 2.3: A Purist definition of a wiki

Slide 2.4: Beyond a purist definition

Slide 2.5: Wiki markup language

Most Common Wiki Markup in Sakai:

3. Why Use Wikis? What Are They Good For?

Slide 3.1: Why make students collaborate?

Slide 3.2: WIIFM?

Slide 3.3: What are wikis good for?

Slide 3.4: Fostering Good Behaviors

Slide 3.5: Leveraging the use of wikis

Slide 3.6: Pitfalls

Slide 3.7: Perceived value of the assignment

Slide 3.8: Example for UD

Slide 3.9: Example for UD

4. Inside or Outside?

Lots of free wikis are available in the cloud... Why use the one in Sakai anyway?

5. Features and Demo

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier in the Sakai Wiki:

6. Conclusion

Slide 6.1: Recommendations (from the wiki report, section 3)

Slide 6.2: Wiki gardening

Slide 6.3: Training the trainer. Wikis are a good way to discuss information-literacy.

The STOLEN Principle:

Wiki Report:

II. General Resources