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On today's campus, two main enterprise applications run the business of a college or university. The Student Information System (SIS) is the lifeblood for tracking courses, enrollment, and outcomes at an institution. The Learning Management System (LMS) has attained a high profile on campus as learning demands for the student population change and evolve. To continue to deliver solutions that meet the critical needs of higher education, Unicon and Oracle have partnered together to integrate these two applications to offer a complete solution to the marketplace that allows for integration of course, enrollment, and outcomes information to be exchanged between the Student Information System and the Learning Management System. With the Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP) for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Oracle is exposing course and enrollment data via open standards that can be consumed by a Learning Management System. Through the Sakora project, Unicon is providing the functionality for Sakai to consume this data via the same open standards. This work is a large step forward in allowing institutions to have seamless integration between the two most vital applications on campus.

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