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Installation instructions for the ImageQuiz tool for system adminsitrators. See the Users Guide for steps to add the tool to a site or setup the permissions for the tool.

How to get the source code and build imagequiz tool

  • ImageQuiz works on Sakai 2.4, it may work on earlier versions but we do not recommend it
  1. Change to your sakai source directory (e.g. /opt/sakai-2.4)
  2. Run svn checkout imagequiz
    1. subversion will create a imagequiz directory for you, you can use any directory name you like, just change the last imagequiz into the word you want.
  3. Change to imagequiz source directory (e.g. /opt/<sakai-src>/imagequiz)
  4. Run maven sakai
    • If it fails, check the build log to see if there's any library file failed to be downloaded. If so, download them from* into library repository (by * file you can get the version of libraries needed, usually it should be the latest), which is in $USER_HOME/.maven/repository/ directory.

How to verify that imagequiz tool is correctly installed

  1. Start Tomcat
  2. Login to sakai as user: admin, password: admin
  3. In the workspace panel, click My Workspace
  4. In the left panel, click Sites
  5. In the Sites function page's panel, click New Site
  6. Name the new site's Site Id as test or any other words.
  7. Click Save button at bottom to finish its creation.
  8. Click Worksite Setup on the left panel.
  9. Select test (the new created site's name), click Revise in the Worksite Setup function page panel.
  10. Click Edit Tools on the function panel.
  11. Select Imagequiz in the list, click Continue button, click Finish button.
    • Error may occur if you select Home at the same time, which prevent you from continuing. In this case, deselect Home and click Continue button.
  12. Enter the test site by clicking it in the workspace panel.
  13. If you can see Image Quiz Activities with heading format, congratulations!
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