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A responder- or clicker- type tool designed for synchronous, though not necessarily co-located, classroom settings. In addition to the typical responder functionality, an image can be displayed with an accompanying question or note, each student can click on the image to indicate a response, and the aggregate all student clicks viewed overlain on the image. (This work is based a standalone, PHP-based, proof-of-concept application, and examples of its use and exploration of applicable pedagogies can be found at

Project Team

Steven Githens - Project Lead
Peter A. Knoop - University of Michigan - Project Lead
Aaron Zeckoski - CARET, Cambridge, UK
Yintao Liu - CARET, Cambridge, UK - docs
Jing - CARET, Cambridge, UK - docs

Information or Help files

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  1. Have you guys considering somehow hacking this into Samigo as a test question type?