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Subversion Commit Privilege

Some translators may be granted subversion commit rights for properties files within Sakai. This is a privilege which is granted only after a developer has proven to be active and competent in the translation process.

Subversion Commit Process

  1. Open a task in JIRA specifying what you are doing:
    • The Component should be Translation
    • The Affects Version can be left set to the current release or default (i.e., Unknown)
    • The Assign To should be set to yourself
    • The Summary and Description should be filled it appropriately.
    • Only one JIRA issue is required for translating multiple components within Sakai.
  2. You should check out (or refresh) a trunk version of Sakai from subversion
  3. Update the properties files (and optionally *.metaprops files if you're using the ResourceProperties editor)
  4. Build and Deploy to a server for test
  5. Verify each module appears as expected (and doesn't crash!)
  6. Commit each subversion module explicitly and reference the JIRA issue, for example:
    $ svn commit chat calendar assignment -m "SAK-1234 update Japanese translation"
  7. "Resolve Issue" in JIRA:
    • Set the Fix version to the latest release (e.g. currently 2.7.x [Tentative])
    • If you would like this change merged to a previous release, set that status to 'Merge' (e.g. 2.6.x Status' and re-assign to Beth Kirschner).
  8. Important: Once a JIRA issue has been resolved, you must open a new JIRA ticket for additional commits
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