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The following proposed list provides an outline of the ordered process to be followed:

  1. Report known i18n issues that are not fixed yet and ask others to do the same.
  2. Get the feedback from institutions that have already fixed those issues and request them a patch.
  3. Prioritize and adapt all available fixes to trunk and to 2.7.
    1. First option: ask the tool team.
    2. Second option: ask the community (Anthony Whyte may help with this).
    3. Third option: do it ourselves (=i18n community).
  4. Identify most important issues and present it on Confluence (page to be created).
    1. Ask all institutions 3 most wanted issues.
    2. Vote by distributing 10 points across the issues on the list.
  5. For the remaining issues:
    1. First option: ask the tool team.
    2. Second option: ask the community (Anthony Whyte may help with this).
    3. Third option: do it ourselves (=i18n community).
  6. while (i18n_issues) goto 1.

The following table sumarizes what we have named "i18n bug report" and it contains the i18n bug identified at 2.6 and 2.7 releases. If you think we have left one, please, feel free of adding it to the table and send an e-mail to so that the reference you have added can be tracked properly:







Assigned To

Admin users

utf8 support of user search


It should to be checked. Request the reporter




Assignments' localized tool title (sakai.assignment.grades.title) gets used in attachment path


David will generate the path for storing toolid instead of tooltitle

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia



Create internationalization mechanism to avoid duplication and de-synchronization of text shared across tools






All Sakai code should reference ResourceLoader _not_ ResourceBundle


This can be closed




Translation is not up to date for 2.7


Localization only




Errors in french localozation for gradebook


Assigned to JFL




Unable to export Gradebook with UTF-8 character names


To decide if exporting to CSV is disabled or not

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia



Gradebook tool not correctly internationalized


I'm working on this at the UPV. Michelle is waiting for my patches to apply them.

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


Kernel Fixed for 2.8 but not for 2.7




Mailtool has hard-coded english error messages and text






Page title does not support special characters






Copyright status can get lost when editing details


Comment into the list




Automatic file encoding detection






Optional properties don't change language-dependent displayed text


To be merged by Beth, JF o DR




RWiki phrases need to use ResourceLoader.getFormattedMessage


To be merged by Savitha




rWiki does not completely respond to dynamic locale preferences


This may be more a problem about documenting how rwiki works




Date formats in rWiki are not localized






rWiki default page name localization breaks Wiki Links






Corrections for Japanese Translation of Samigo for trunk


Beth helping Shoji




Attachments don't work if his name contains internationalized characters


Asked Karen Tsao to fix it




Changing feedback comments to be released in a date (using non-US format) doesn't work


Beth helping Samigo team




numeric values in authoring should support locale decimal separator


UPV has this in production. DRM will provide the patch for trunkç




Events shown at wrong time when differences between server and user time zone DST status exist


Beth helping Peter Knoop



Site info

Not internationalized role descriptions





Worksite Setup

utf8 support of edit a page name


UPV has this working. DRM will provide the patch for trunk

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


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