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  • Evaluation online crowd sourced translation tools
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Terms of use Free for Open Source (unlimited strings)
Community translation(tick)(tick)
Translation proofreading & approval mechanism (tick) Separate translator & proofreader roles
Machine translations (tick) Microsoft Translator
Integration options (tick) Command line tool + REST API
Support for multiple releases(tick)(minus)
Support for double byte characters(tick)(tick)
Translation Memory (tick)
Support for Java properties (tick)
UI screenshots with annotations (tick)
Performance (full Sakai trunk + all supported languages) (tick)
Tools to support translation consistency (tick) Glossary of Terms, Translation Memory
Can exclude strings that don't need to be translated (tick)
Translation validations (tick) Entity Check, Punctuation, ...
Translation progress overview (tick) Per language
Management of files and strings (tick) Folder structure can be maintained
Create Folder (tick)
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