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Translation status

(star) The current translation status can be found online:


Many people will potentially work on the Dutch translation of Sakai tools. In order to avoid a mix of translation styles (for instance: adressing the user in a formal or informal way) a set of guidelines should be defined. Translators are then asked to conform to these guidelines. Please check out the Styleguide page to review the guidelines.


Consistent translations for common terms will benefit the quality of the translation and the speed of the translation process. Consistency is an important aspect of the user experience (usability). Ideally one translation is defined for each term. But of course only as long as the English term is used in one meaning. Depending on the context and application where it is used, a different translation may be required. Please check out the Terminology page to review the translated terms.


Several people are working on the Dutch translation. In order to prevent overwriting each others work, every translator is responsible for the translation of a specific (set of) tool(s). You can find an overview on who is responsible for what tool here

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  1. Cool initiative! Keep up the good work.