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Sakai Help Project

This is the home page for the Sakai Help Project. (For general information on Sakai, try Documentation.)

The Help Project seeks to:

  • Evolve the online Help tool
  • Ensure that Help content in Sakai releases is useful, accurate and up to date
  • Ensure that information about how to configure and use the Help tool is accurate and up to date

A number of Sakai production deployments have diverged from using OOTB Help in various ways - either switching it off, or modifying the supplied help. A goal of the Help project is to minimise the work which Sakai adopters need to do to present appropriate help to local users, by increasing the flexibility of the Help tool and content format.

Joining the Help Project

To join the Help Project, add your details and interests to Help Project Participants.

The Help Project is co-ordinated by Stephen Marquard from the University of Cape Town.

Project Status and Roadmap

See Help Project Roadmap. Please feel free to (a) add additional Requirements, Feature Requests or Bug Reports in JIRA, and (b) update pages in this Confluence space with additional information or ideas.

Project management shortcuts: Project Status, Sakai 2.4. Plans

Information about the Help Tool

Related Projects

The Help Project depends on:

  • The Sakai Portal (to invoke the Help tool as appropriate)
  • All tool projects, as providers of Help content
  • I18n and L10n DG and contributors, as translators of Help content (see I18N Confluence Space)

End-User Support - Training, Tutorials, Documentation, & Consulting

Members of the Sakai community are beginning a new initiative to share end-user support materials and also find & share ideas and resources for supporting Sakai end users, including faculty, staff, students, and others.

All are encouraged to engage in dialogue about your-own end-user support experience, as well as your experience with this community peer sharing process.

Click here to browse the catalog of shared materials.

Current issues

Current Help Issues lists details of open Requirements, Feature Requests and Bugs in the JIRA issue tracking system.

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