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Contrib: Checklist (aka Process Navigator) and GradTools

Lead: Savitha Prakash


A general purpose checklist tool.


The Checklist tool is based on the University of Michigan's (UM) Grad Tools, which is a checklist set up to help doctoral students navigate and keep track of the complex series of steps that are required in pursuing a PhD.  UM Grad Tools is used as a tool within CTools, (UM's Sakai implementation) and it exists in its own site. While GradTools is designed for an academic use, a checklist can be used for any process that can be defined in steps.

Checklist is a tool that allows users to create and manage checklists of various types.  Checklists are not site-specific; they can be added to any site. They are created and then shared with those who will use them to track progress. They can also optionally be shared with users who will make additional changes, such as adding more steps, before they, in turn, share them with the final users. Checklists can be set up so that completion of steps is viewed, approved and checked off by someone who is not the checklist's user. As an example, a faculty member may approve steps completed by a student.

Creation of a checklist involves first creating a checklist template.  It is the template, rather than an actual checklist, that is shared.  With the template, the user generates the actual checklist for use.

Progress to Date

Significant work has been done to package the localized GradTools tools into a generalized Sakai tool. A version v1.0 was released on June 8th 2011, and is tested to work with Sakai v2.7.

Other Information

A user guide can be found at

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