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Delicious is a social bookmarking service - a way to organize, keep track of, and share information assuming that information can be expressed as a link. "Delicious greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet".

The social aspect of Delicious allows you to share bookmarks that you tag with others, and allows others to follow (to borrow a term from Twitter) the links you tag. The people you follow are called your Network.

The Network: a group in Delicious

Your Network, the list of people who you are following, is the obvious group functionality in Delicious. Delicious calls the Network a "people aggregator".

Delicious also allows you to create sub-groups called bundles so can you can sort out and view only the bookmarks coming from, for example, your friends. You control and set up these bundles. People can be in multiple bundles.

Other people can see your network and your bundles, see what they are tagging, etc. But only you can modify your network. It's yours. If someone else also wanted to watch the tags of people on a particular project, they would have to add each of those people to thier own networks, and create thier own bundles. Although, I suppose you could elect one person on the project to be the keeper of the bundle and th

en everyone else on the project could watch that bundle via the web or RSS (you can't subscribe to someone else's bundle.) 

Sharing using a special tag: grouping without a group

There is another way to share using Delicious, one feels a lot like a group, or at least it allows a group, one defined outside of Delicious, to share information. You can agree with other Delicious users to share a common tag. For example everyone on the Sakai 3 Groups project could use the tag @sakai3_groups when tagging bookmarks that pertain to the project. And then those folks (and anyone else) can subscribe or follow that tag. But the tag doesn't belong to anyone--anyone can follow it, anyone can tag to it. It's just a social agreement. 

Creating a group

Every person you choose to follow, or become a fan of, in Delicious is added to your Network. You can then assign people in your network to one or more network bundles which act like sub-groups.

Adding users to your network

  1. On the People page, click Add a user to Network
  2. An  Add a user to Network pane appears allowing you to type in the Username for someone you want to follow. 
  3. To complete the process, click Add

Note: You have to know the username of the person that you want to add. There is no people search in Delicious. The easiest way to find people to follow is by scouring the networks of those people in your network or by seeing someone's user name associated with a bookmark that you stumble on. For example, I just stumbled on a tag posted by one iandolphin and I can guess that it's my friend Ian Dolphin, so I'll click Add to my Network. But if Ian had an odd username like fathermojo (my username), I would never know that it was Ian.

Creating a bundle or sub-group

  1. On your Network page, click Network options
  2. Click Manage Network bundles...
  3. Click Create
  4. Name your bundle
  5. Check any users in your Network that you would like to add to the bundle
  6. Click Save

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