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Technical Information

  • The Enhanced Gradebook will be based on Wicket 6

  • The spreadsheet interface takes advantage of the grid components in Wicket

    • The grid will be enhanced with an AJAX-enabled editable grid with clickable cells
    • Each cell will be updated in the backend whenever a user clicks or keys away from the cell

  • Upon entering the tool, the Gradebook will load the whole dataset of students and assignments, with the option for infinite scroll or a 'load more' feature as users progress through the list of students

  • Some of the functionality will be implemented in pure Javascript. To support this, entity providers will be created to expose the required gradebook information.

Accessibility Information

  • Large focus on user experience, with user testing and accessibility recommendations provided by the Paciello Group

  • Within the tool, we have the ability to add additional HTML attributes to the markup via Java code where needed, which enables us to add the required ARIA attributes to these elements

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