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The following provides a high-level overview of the functional requirements guiding the development of the enhanced Gradebook.

Editable Spreadsheet View

The default “Grades” view within the Gradebook will be replaced by an editable spreadsheet view, wherein Gradebook items will be displayed as a series of columns. The layout and data-entry process will be familiar to users of modern spreadsheet applications such as Excel and Google Sheets. Gradebook actions will be available within the context of dropdowns in spreadsheet cells and columns. Modal windows (lightboxes) will be used for entering and editing information, thereby maintaining a sense of continuity and place for users.

Automatic Saving/Data Validation 

Changes to data within the spreadsheet view will be automatically saved, with clear feedback confirming to users that their data has been saved. The interface will also provide data validation feedback.

New Course Grade Display Options

 Course grades will benefit from additional display options. Instructors will have the option of displaying course grades to students as letter grades, percentages, points, or combinations thereof.

Student Summary View

Within the spreadsheet view, instructors will be able to view a gradebook item summary for each student. This view will display grade information solely for the selected student, providing an overview of the student’s grades in a vertical orientation whilst obscuring the grade data of other students.

Enhanced Import/Export Process

 The existing Import/Export process will be simplified and consolidated into one page. The improved workflow will allow instructors to update existing gradebook items/comments and add new gradebook items in bulk. Users will also be able to export the Gradebook as they can today.

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