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Source Code

Where would you like source code kept? I can add it to / contrib/ucb on Sakai's subversion server, or I can post it to one provided by UCB. In either case, I will need committer access.

Oliver Heyer

We'll want this in /contrib/ucb. It will be a worthy addition alongside the famous "Expander". Josh, can you grant Mark commit access?

Josh Holtzman

Glenn or Andrew , can you grant Mark Norton commit access to /contrib/ucb please?

Access to contrib/ucb granted by Glenn Golden on Jan. 29, 2007.

Java Packaging

What kind of Java packaging should I use: "org.sakaiproject." or "edu.berkeley" or ""?

Mark Norton

No preference was specified by UC Berkeley concerning Java packaging. Given that this will be included in contrib, I will use Sakai best practice for naming modules and use "org.sakaiproject" as the root of Java packages.

Licensing and Copyright

Do you want me to include a licensing or copyright message in the source files? If so, I'll need that eventually.

Mara Hancock

I'd like this tool to be ECL (so copyright should be appropriate to that. As work for hire, it would be Copyright of the UC Regents, 2007.

Testing and Piloting

Eventually, you'll want to pilot this application and test it out in BSpace. My plan is that it can be downloaded from SVN like any other Sakai tool and installed. Will that be sufficient for testing needs?

Oliver Heyer

This should be sufficient. We assume you've done all the local testing you need to do, so this app should be treated like any other non-trunk tool we'd be looking at.

Project Management

I think this will be an attractive tool for the Sakai community at large. I also think that it wouldn't take much effort to move it from contrib to provisional status, since there is no direct database access (all done through Content Hosting).

Mara Hancock

I'd like this tool to be available to the community, although I am not prepared to cover the costs for maintenance or enhancements except where I specifically contract with you or work with my team to make improvements. I would love for this to come into the domain of the community.

Do you want me to deal with Oliver henceforth for project management issues? Do you want to be copied on to progress messages.

Mara Hancock

Well, coordination about things like testing, code submission please email Oliver and CC me. In terms of design and requirements, that should be between you, me, and Daphne. BTW, I spent some time with Kirk Alexander from UCD on Friday and he was very interested in the project. I have sent him to your gallery site to review, and warned him we are trying to limit scope here, but he may have some good ideas and comments. Also, could be another source a funding for a next step.

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