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This Design is Still In Progress

These designs are still a work in progress, and are actively being worked on. While discussion and comments are welcome, please treat this material as such.

Browse Images & Collections Panes 


Main Browse Images & Collections Page

Browse Images & Collections - Image Mouseover

Browse Images & Collections - Collection Mouseover 

Browse Images & Collections - Tag Navigation

Individual Image (via the magnifier in browse view)

Design Note:  Need to add additional metadata fields:  Creator, Location/Place, Year/Time Period 

Individual Image Pane with details showing 


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  1. Some Outstanding issues/questions:

    • Need some way to permanantly delete images - perhaps from all images?
    • How will users know they can click on the metadata to edit?
    • What about viewing images that have multiple shared tags: "Display image tagged with X & Y"?
    • How to handle collection names longer than space available: wrapping, rollover text?
    • Need to be able to drag multiples!
    • What does "all images & recently added look like? Any different than any other collection?
    • Can users delete from here? If so we should give them a warning that this is removing the file all together and from X, Y & Z collections. Will need another visual indication from regular remove.
    • Should we allow users to view links to images in the thumbnail view?
    • There's information that belongs with the file all the time and some like description that should really be context specific. How to deal with this?
    • Do we need specific fields for creator & location? This is important metadata for images.
    • Need to be able set timed release on collections
  2. Some additional missing pieces:

    • Workflow to create, rename, or delete a collection.
    • Wireframes for the List view.
    • Image sizing rules.
    • If it takes a click to get focus and edit text, I assume that moving focus away returns the field to display-only mode. Is there an immediate save to persistent storage? No cancel?
    • Are iframes required for the "Browse Images & Collections" pane or is that a DIV?
    • Does the Web Address URL point to full-size image graphic data, to the details page for the image, or to something else?
    • What exactly does "Recently added" mean?
  3. Good questions Ray! Working on the next version wireframes to flesh some of this out now. I'll upload by the end of this week along with some descriptive text to explain behaviors.