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This Design is Still In Progress

These designs are still a work in progress, and are actively being worked on. While discussion and comments are welcome, please treat this material as such.

There are three ways to add images to your Image Gallery

When are changes stored?

"Wizard"-style multi-page workflows often behave in a all-or-nothing fashion. If we cancel (or time out or close the browser), everything we did from the beginning is thrown away. However, if the Image Gallery application throws away dozens of newly uploaded files along with any titles, descriptions, or tags we've added, we'll have to start from scratch: the back button can't re-upload the files for us!

To keep this from happening, newly uploaded files will instead be stored in the Image Gallery with default metadata. Canceling at later steps of the workflow will only throw away the changes we're currently working on rather than throwing away all our files.

Add Images from your computer

Begin Browsing

Note: the biggest change here is that deciding where you're adding files from is now done in a drop down from the collection screen. The choices are still from your computer, from this site, and from another site.

Select Images from Computer


The File Queue with Add More Files

Uploading with progress and Pause

Resume upload, add files or continue.

Choose images from this site

Choose images from other sites

Add Information to images

Batch Add Tab (selected by default to suggest batch information is added first)

Individual Add Tab 

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  1. Outstanding issues/questions:

    • Where does done take you? Back to the start of add images or to Browse Images & Collections > recently uploaded? It makes sense the user is ready to browse images but is it jarring to take them to another intratool nav pane?
  2. Leaving the known open issues (such as image scaling) aside, this is nice and clear. I only have a couple of Batch Add Tab questions.

    1. What do you picture the requirements to be for the "Copyright Status" option menu?
    2. "Set Access" : "Display this file to selected groups only." What are these "selected groups"?
    3. "Email Notification" - What does the email say and who does it get sent to?
    1. 1. For now I was thinking we should just go with the same that is used in resources. I'll add more detail in the next round of wireframes I'm working on now.

      2. Same goes here. There would be 3 options: 1) Only members of this site can see this file. 2) This file is publicly viewable. 3) Display this file to selected groups only. (site's groups would display for selecting). I'll add detail to the wireframes for this also.

      3) This is the same as notification works in other tools so it's tied to individual's notifications settings and the groups that have access. I'll add some detail and create an sample email.

      Thanks for the feedback and questions Ray!

    1. Graphic glitch: The tabs for "Individual Add Tab" are shown exactly the same as the tabs for "Batch Add Tab".
    2. What are the rules for image sizing in the "Individual Add Tab"?
    3. The non-Flash version of file upload would skip straight from "Choose Images" to "Add Information to Images", right?
    1. 1. Yep, thanks. I've fixed but just haven't upload the new wireframes yet. I'm working on adding more detail to them this week. I'll upload the current version by Friday afternoon.

      2. Good question. Not sure yet. I'll add this to outstanding questions.

      3. Exactly.

  3. I find the following section a bit confusing:

    Add image to All Images:
    [check] Also add images to the current collection: [collection name]

    Do you have a choice about whether images will be added to "All Images"? If not, I think the way the text it set up should be changed, as the wording and having the colon there makes it seem like you have a choice and that perhaps the checked box below affects it.

    Maybe something like:
    Your images will all be added to "All Images."
    [check] Also add images to the current collection: [collection name]