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Current Wireframes

Design Goals

  • Allow users to easily upload images directly into the Image Gallery - from their computer, resources within the current site or any other Sakai site they own.
  • The uploading functionality serves as an incubator for a future Fluid uploader component. Uploading in Image Gallery will be the first instance of that component. After designing and implementing in this context, we'll look to abstracting to more general use.
  • Allow increased robustness of image and collection organization using the "playlist" metaphor
  • Allow Image Gallery owner to add their own context to their images through tagging and allowing them to live in multiple collections.


  • Primary Persona is Eileen Otrovsky. Secondary Persona is Amanda Chow.
  • Eileen will do some organization and collection creation outside of Sakai in tools like iPhoto that allow for highly interactive "lightbox" activity.
  • The Image Gallery's main goal for current phases is to allow faculty to present ad hoc collections of images to students. Down the road we may want to include functionality that gives faculty a workspace for creating their collections like in iphoto mentioned above.

Competitive Analysis


Eileen Otrovsky - Primary Persona, Resourceful Adapter
Amanda Chow - Secondary Persona, Overwhelmed Adopter

Context Scenarios

  • Eileen has just finished lecture and wants to post the images she presented in class to her course website so students can access them in the future.
  • Eileen wants to put together a study guide collection for the midterm. She'll use various images from course lectures so far.
  • Eileen remembers a collection she created for Intro to Art History class last semester that she'd like to re-purpose for this semester in a different class. She'll need to remove some images, add others & re-organize around next week's topic.
  • The collection Eileen has been creating over the past week is still missing one image. She thinks she's used it elsewhere in this class - or was that another class?
  • Eileen is excited to pilot the Image Gallery Tool. She has quite a few images already in her course sites in the Resources Tool. She'd like to get them all displayed in her Image Galleries.

Use Cases

Use Case Diagram

Use Case Details

All Users (Instructor, TA, Student)

  • View Collection (auto & user created): 1) View thumbnails of images, 2) View list of images, 3) View slideshow
  • View image info within collection
  • View detailed image
  • View full screen image
  • Find image
    • using filename
    • using X tag
    • using thumbnail
    • using work creator
    • using work title
    • using work date
  • Download image (should everyone really be able to do this?)

Instructors & TAs only

  • Re-order collections
  • Create collection
  • Add image(s) to collection
  • Edit collection information
  • Remove image from collection
  • Re-order images within collection
  • Add image to IG from within Sakai
  • Upload image to IG
  • Add info to All Images (Batch)
  • Add info to individual image
  • Flag image (Could this be for all users?)
  • Delete image
  • Edit image information
    • Edit OTHER info about image
    • Edit title
    • Edit description
    • Edit tags
  • No labels

1 Comment

  1. General issues/questions (from wire frame work):

    • Do tags show up in resources as metadata?
    • Is metadata read-only in resources? In the long run some metadata will likely be tied to the file and others to the file + the context. What to do in the short run?
    • What to do about availability & access? What does it look like to have images publicly available? Should access (timed release) be set on a collection & individual images? Where can this happen?
    • What about permissions? I think we want to keep it pretty simple right now. Instructors (TAs?) are the only ones that edit or remove. Students can view, sort & filter (read-only)
    • Need to think about project site permissions, etc.