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Work In Progress

Project overview

  • Umbrella task for initial project set-up
  • Phase 2 Subversion branch
  • Web presentation technology : RSF
  • Persistence approach : Minimal facade interface for digital repository support (e.g., storing and reaching original image files), with Content Hosting as the first implementation; Spring JDBC for application data; direct Content Hosting only used for interaction with Resources (e.g., import existing Resources file into Image Gallery).
  • Allow builds and deployment of both Phase 1 Image Gallery and Phase 2 Image Gallery to the same server, at least during early development.

Deployment environment

To simplify and speed up collaboration, we'll agree on a target environment. Looking at our requirements, it doesn't seem worth maintaining a fully standalone version (except for unit testing). On the other hand, we aren't providing core services that need to be checked against all Sakai components and applications, and so there's no need to load our server startups and our IDEs with the full trunk.

Rather than take on the complexity of a separate top-level set of externals (as the Cafe project does), we'll build filters on locally modified checkouts of the Sakai trunk.

  1. Check out the Sakai trunk.
  2. Add the extra svn:externals needed for Image Gallery development and deployment (Fluid components; the Image Gallery project itself).
  3. Add a slimmed down "image-gallery" Maven profile to the top-level "pom.xml", to speed up builds and server starts.
  4. Define a slimmed down Image Gallery working set in Eclipse to speed up coding and debugging.
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1 Comment

  1. Given our open issues around integration with Resources, the current state of JCR Content Hosting, and the low priority of direct integration with files stored outside Sakai, I've backed off from the idea of using JSR-170 as our initial digital repository service API. It seems safer to put a minimal application-centric facade in front of CHS.