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Goal: A research group wishes to administer a survey to a set of respondents identified through advertising and telephone cold-calling. The researcher has email addresses for all respondents and so expects that they will all have access to a web browser with internet access.

The researcher adds the survey tool to the site (or asks local site administrator to add it). The researcher is then able to create a survey instrument and administer it to a small sample group of respondents to test the instrument and the returned data for compatibility with analysis software. She may revise the instrument (questions/structure) and then sets live date, close date and email notification messages, email reminder frequency (reminders should only go to those who have not responded).

Respondents should receive an email inviting them to partake in the survey (with suitable privacy and other links). They should be able to follow the link to a survey web page and begin answering questions (anonymously? after login? ...?) with minimal problems. They should be able to leave the survey at any time and return via a bookmark or by revisiting the link in the invitation email. When complete, the survey should thank them (optionally staying open for editing until formal close date).

Researcher should be able to download data and import it into their favourite analysis package (Excel, SPSS, etc.)

Researcher should be able to delete data, or at least irrevocably anonymise it if that was the promise in the privacy terms.

(needs more work)

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