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Week starting (11/06/2006):

  1. (tick) Carried from previous week:
    1. (tick) Check with Aaron about the "if" statement in getSites method of the Logic class?
    2. (tick) debug:template FK not save when start evaluation from ModifyTemplate page
    3. (tick) Remove the Fall 2006 hyperlink from the Summary page.
    4. (tick) Display of email template exceeds the table width (no wrap). We need to make it wrap. --- Solution: instead of <pre> tags replace all \n with <br>.
    5. (tick) Disable all javascript validations from assign evaluation functionality to be consistent.
    6. (tick) Make the test plan for first round of testing. Include the following: Create, Assign, No Validations, Only Instructor (no student or any admin).
  2. (tick) BUGS
    1. (tick) Not getting sites for a user who is not an admin.
    2. (tick) Remove functionailty fails.
    3. (tick) Deployment issue (MAJOR)---ONLY ON SERVER
      1. (tick) Spring errors because of name conflicts.
      2. (tick) Out of memory errors...only on Lucy's Laptop- because of using old version of Sakai Braches.
      3. (tick) Oracle , MySql changes......remove the sql-type from HBM files.
      4. (tick) Question block is not available in preview.....movement of call to Update method in Bean.
      5. (tick) Assign part fails because "select from where ((sharing='private' )and(owner='kahuja' ))or(sharing='visible' )or(sharing='public' )" query gives java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00936: missing expression.....In DAO need to make EvalTemplate instead of Template.
      6. (tick) Cannot set values in Bean from producer...use (from Aaron's email) form.parameters.add.....etc.
    4. (tick) start a new evaluation fails for both case when navigating from StartEval page to EvalSetting page
    5. (tick) With the change from getEID to getId, the name of owner on the start evaluation page is wrong and Control panel
      1. (tick) create a new method to convert user unique ID to DiaplayName in logic
      2. (tick) change the owner display on StartEval page, ControlPanel page
    6. (tick) On the Preview Eval Page, if you remove refresh several times...the order of items changes. Only on start evaluation page. This is because are getting template from database / DAO. then iterator through each item of the set--need to sort the set of items: bubble sort
    7. (tick) Make instruction in Evaluation and description in Template as nullable,
    8. (tick) Evaluation table : template_FK field now is allow nullable????
    9. (tick) Bugs from OCS testing
      1. (tick) JIRA EVL-135 template_title_desc page text field max length
      2. (tick) resolve JIRA EVL-140 bug- preview link on TemplateModify page sometimes show summary page for preview "essay" case
      3. (tick) JIRA EVL-141 - dropdown menu(change ordering) on TemplateModify page some times fails
      4. (tick) JIRA EVL-134 - Buttons are cut off.
      5. (tick) JIRA EVL-138
      6. (tick) JIRA EVl-151 - Changing assigned courses - all courses unselected.
  3. (tick) Little of hierarchy
    1. (tick) For Create and Assign page you need to check the evaluation.create.eval and evaluation.assign.eval persmissions.
    2. (tick) Also, note that student and instructor have different views in the preview eval page. That is information about 'who added this question' is visible to instructors and not to students. Thus, how do we know whether the person is a student or an instructor. We need to go to auth_api for this. See the code in RSF Plus class written by Aaron and method 'canWriteItem' where there is if-else construct. More details are:Call getGroups in AutzGroup class. Then from the group get the users who have access. This is a little fuzzy. You first need to create 4 roles (as below) from admin console and look up the code pointed above:
      1. (tick) Create template
      2. (tick) Assign template / evaluation
      3. (tick) Be evaluated
      4. (tick) Take eval.
  4. (tick) ControlPanel Page:
    1. (tick) html & producer.
    2. (tick) get template list
    3. (tick) get evaluation list
    4. (tick) get course title or count of courses for a evaluation
    5. (tick) show rows for Queued Evaluations ,Active Evaluations,Closed Evaluations
    6. (tick) Template title should be linked to template modify page (MAJOR with Aaron).
    7. (tick) Evaluation title should link to previewEval page
    8. (tick) delete link for evalution
    9. (tick) get total enrollments
      1. (tick) RemoveEval page
      2. (tick) delete assignCourse, delete Evaluation logic
    10. (tick) delete link for template list
      1. (tick) RemoveTemplate page
      2. (tick) delete template logic
      3. (tick) delete Block child Items before delete Block Parent Item, then delete template
      4. (tick) Call the logic.findTemplate instead of EvaluationBean.findTemplate.
    11. (tick) get response
    12. (tick) display Users, Response Rate column in proper format
    13. (tick) fix date problem for closed evaluation
    14. (tick) bug:Create new Template Link need to clear Template Bean --change to link-look button
    15. (tick) bug:Create new Evaluation link need to clear Evaluation Bean --change to link-look button
    16. (tick) Eidt link(command button) go to EvalSetting page
    17. (tick) course link goes to EvalAssignConfirm page
    18. (tick) From above the question block still fails when go to template modify from control panel
    19. (tick) bug: Preview link on TemplateModify page does not show proper data for Block type
    20. (tick) bug :modify link on templateModify page does not save new data properly for Block type
    21. (tick) bug:modify link on templateModify page does not modify/update data properly for Block type-- if an item is already used in evaluation
    22. (tick) bug :remove link on templateModify page does not show data properly for Block type
    23. (tick) bug :remove link on templateModify page does not delete data properly for Block type
    24. (tick) fix the Style :the template button link style, "create template", "start evaluation" link style
    25. (tick) closed evaluation: link to report page
    26. (tick) bug: somehow total response is not correctly couted --this is beacuse summary page show evaluation to student that are not assigned to
  5. (tick) Eidt Setting page
    1. (tick) Coming from Control Panel page case
    2. (tick) Major method in Evaluation Bean for binding
    3. (tick) save evaluation settings for already saved evaluation
    4. (tick) bug: display with scroll bar? calendar image not aviable
    5. (tick) checking EvalSetting page, StartDate, DueDate, ViewDate-- Dateformat
    6. (tick) check order of date
    7. (tick) If coming from Control Panel, Summary page: start date need to be disabled for evaluation which already started
    8. (tick) Coming from Summary page case
    9. (tick) Bug: "Save setting" button does not save reminder days and some other input
    10. (tick) Bug: for already save evaluation,some value is not showing properly
    11. (tick) validation for start date should be disabled for started evaluation
    12. (tick) bug:validation for start date as today should be allowed
    13. (tick) bug: "Save Settings" exception
    14. (tick) validation should let todayas a valid start date
  6. (tick) EvalAssign page
    1. (tick) bug: if coming from EvalAssignConfirm page (from control panel) "change Assigned course" button, check box is not checked - Same as JIRA 151.
    2. (tick) validate check box
  7. (tick) EvalAssignConfirm page
    1. (tick) dsiplay page coming from Control Panel page--change evaluationBean
    2. (tick) "Changed Assign course" need to be dynamic submit button
    3. (tick) hide buttons: "done","change Assigned Course" for started evaluation
  8. (tick) PreviewEval Page:
    1. (tick) Call the logic.findTemplate instead of EvaluationBean.findTemplate.
    2. (tick) for evaluation case whih coming from Summary, Control Panel page: show actual evaluation name, title, course title, course id etc.
    3. (tick) for view template case
    4. (tick) show item by display Order
    5. (tick) Create PreviewEvalParamters file, including evaluationId, templateId, context, original page
    6. (tick) make sure link using old EvalViewParameters to go to previewEval page works
      1. (tick) from EvalStarting page works
      2. (tick) from TemplateModify Page works
      3. (tick) from Control Panel page
      4. (tick) from Summary page
    7. (tick) previewEval page for evaluation coming from summary command button case
    8. (tick) re-organize logic
  9. (tick) Take eval Page:
    1. (tick) My courses page is gone.
    2. (tick) Link from Summary page.
    3. (tick) The whole loop for showing the submit button and coming back to sumit button (TakeEvalProducer extends PreviewEvalProducer).
    4. (tick) Submit responses.
    5. (tick) Relook into portlets in take_eval.html - the page is big.
    6. (tick) For submitting responses make 2 columns nullable in answers table.
    7. (tick) Submit questions
      1. (tick) Submit essay types
        1. (tick) Basic save.
        2. (tick) Make take eval producer as separate.
      2. (tick) Submit scaled.
      3. (tick) Submit question block.
        1. (tick) Only 1 radio button is clickable in Question Block of Take Eval (it should be 1 for 1 row).
        2. (tick) Basic Save
    8. (tick) show items by display order
    9. (tick) Show the evaluation title, instructions, course name, and course id (on take_eval page).
  10. (tick) Summary page tasks:
    1. (tick) Bug:a Evaluation has due date as the same date as today show as Closed-- which should be Active Status
    2. (tick) Bug: If one eval is completed then all are shown as completed.
    3. (tick) Bug: After submitting eval, when click on the link one gets null pointer exception.
    4. (tick) Instructor: Summary page link to EditSetting page for queued, active evaluation
    5. (tick) Bug: closed evaluation on summary page for instructor link to EditSetting page---should be PreviewEval page?
    6. (tick) closed evaluation go to previewEval page with populated data from Bean
  11. (tick) TemplateModify Page:
    1. (tick) show list by display order
    2. (tick) bug:if coming from Control Panel page, display order are changed in dropdown menu, but page does not show items in display order
    3. (tick) If you remove items randomly many times you get null pointer in remove producer because of some N/A not set in template Bean (seem to be fixed but need more robust testing).
  12. (tick) Miscellaneous tasks:
    1. (tick) page style
      1. (tick) template_title_description page style
      2. (tick) Include the evaluation css on every template page,
      3. (tick) check button style on every page
    2. (tick) add <div class="portletBody"> for every template
    3. (tick) Batch updates:
      1. (tick) Batch update for item and template.
        1. (tick) For scaled/survey items.
    4. (tick) On settings page if you use Cancel button several times...sometime something goes wrong.
    5. (tick) Chat with Antraing Chat)
    1. Work on making dropdowns not spoil the page spacing. That is reduce text in dropdown, instead make a tool tip.
    2. Revisit open JIRA bugs.
    3. Summary page tasks:
      1. Bug: If several evaluations have the same due date then only 1 shows up.
      2. Bug: for student, summary page show pending evaluation that are not assigned to this student
      3. Bug: Queued evaluation show as pending for student, and can be taken
      4. Student: for closed but not completed evaluation, now it show status pending. is it right? check with Aaron
      5. bug: now the Create Template Link goes to TemplateModify Page, and in the producer, there is templateBean.clearTemplate() --Danger! NEED TO Change the Create Template Link to command button(link look)
    4. Take Eval
      1. Revisit the 3 TODO's (actually only 1 TODO) of order of options in ITEM_DISPLAY page.
      2. Remove 2 TODO's from EvaluationBean of initializing 100 items. See note there.
      3. Show a informative message that evaluation submitted (on summary page).
      4. TODO of picking the start time from the take_eval page (see the Bean).
      5. See how the item NA has to be bind.
    5. Batch updates:
      1. Batch update for item and template.
        1. For essay and text header.
        2. For question block.
      2. Batch update for evaluation and assign course.
      3. Batch update for reordering items in the template.
    6. EvalAssign page and EvalAssign Confirm Page when come from control panel.
      1. display Eval Assign Page: (coming from a evaluation from control panel) remove the "Edit Settings" button.
      2. BUG: on pre-prod server, assigned link go to this confirm page, shows enrollment for each course, but does not show course title
      3. "change Assigned Course" for queued evaluation
        1. functionality for delete or add a course
    7. Actual sending email:
      1. logic, functionality-- Actual sending email
        1. get siteID
        2. get UserInfo, get userEmail
        3. use EmailService to send email
      2. For sending email we need details of users in a course. So from SITE API get list of users. Then from USER API get details of each user.
      3. For actual sending email refer to the Email API (Email Service class).
    8. Misc:
      1. the evlaution bean need to be cleared from START EVAL and TOP MENU on Summary Page.
      2. JIRA EVL-144.
      3. TODO related to EVl-151 in JIRA (see Assign Producer) - to be checked with Antrainig.
      4. Hide the block on settings page where we select the view results date for students and instructors.
      5. Locked field to be updated when you do a delete. When get listing locked field to be checked.
      6. Oh, I also added in a method to count the templates available for a user so that we don't have to return them all the time to see if there are any templates visible to a user. If you are using the old method to check if there are any templates, please switch your code.
      7. EditSettings page: Date picker. --wait when antranig's work is ready
      8. TemplateModify page: Update Block type items fails if items related to RESPONSE TABLE --need to talk with Aaron
      9. TemplateModify page:Update block type child item logic --need to talk with Aaron
      10. the radio button of the first template need to slected by default for Start Eval Page-- now it is not been set
      11. Logic/DAO file, getTemplatesToDisplay() method seems do not display shared templates for admin account
      12. Improvement: Aaron wants to move the setScale to logic layer and clean it more.
      13. Make the call to setEvalTemplate directly in logic layer.
      14. In see why DetachedCriteria not working.
    9. General:
      1. Calendar/ date picker.
      2. Add "final" keyword to all constants in
      3. Add a comment question to all evaluations.
      4. We don't need ItemDisplay class.
      5. Validating (SERVER SIDE) (throw exception so that user goes back to previous page).
      6. validating each page for invalid input
      7. Respond to Antranig's last email (Lucy to expand on this).
      8. debug org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException - leave Aaron to solve it, now turn off lazy
      9. Beanguards for all validations.
      10. Resolve bug: Item page check box "N/A" not value binding correctly when "preview" button was clicked before "save" button clicked
      11. Resolve bug: Item Page radio button group "category" not value binding correctly when "preview" button was cliked before "save" button clicked
    10. New from 01/12/2007
      1. Add all BLOCK child Item to Template (Per Aaron)
        1. Write seperate static class to filter no-child Items from template, to get block child items with matching block parent ID
      2. update all the places which uses template.getItems() to get no-child items with the new stragtery
      3. Completely Update EvaluationBean with the new logic API
      4. i18N for DateFormat in all producers
      5. bug: after a student already take an evaluation, summary page still shows the link for take evalution--- student can take it again
      6. bug: SaveEvaluation with StartDate as today
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