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Key for symbols

This is the key for the assessment of the requirements by the project lead - Aaron Zeckoski
(tick) - requirement completed and present
(info) - requirement is work in progress
(plus) - requirement planned to be completed
(minus) - requirement not planned to be completed with current resources
(error) - requirement not general, must be done by non-Cambridge resources (includes localized setups)
(question) - requirement cannot be understood (need more information)

Implementation Plans
Fall 2007 Pilot: We conducted Midterm evaluations for the College of Engineering. We produced 26,148 midterm evaluations for 677 College of Engineering classes. Approximately 300 different templates were used for the evaluations. We received 11.341 responses (43%) from 4,381 unique users (74.4%).

Winter 2008 Pilot: We will conduct another pilot of College of Engineering midterms. We plan to change the email functionality so that students only receive one email, rather than one email per class. We are also improving the repoerts that we give to the instructors.

Full Campus Rollout: We are targeting the Fall 2008 term for a full campus rollout. Full campus rollout means that the online evaluation system will be used campus-wide to replace the paper evaluations. Approximately 5,000 classes will use the system throughout the semester.

System Requirements

The following features are needed for the Fall 2007 pilot:

  • (plus) Need the ability for instructors to add additional questions to an existing evaluation. (development of this feature is in progress and should be complete by end of May)
  • (tick) Instructors should not be able to change an evaluation that was set up by someone else, such as a department admin.
  • (plus) Need to be able to restrict instructors to only being able to add Expert questions to their evaluations.
  • (minus) Make the appearance of the Site/Group Listing box a configuration so that institutions can decide whether to display it or not. The list of classes could get very long for students or instructors after a few terms and the information in the Evaluations box provides better information for the student or instructor to know which evaluations are pertinant to the term.
  • (info) Emails to students should include a link to the evaluation. At a minimum, it should have a link back to the Evaluation system. (development of this feature is in progress)
  • (plus) When the system is configured so that students cannot make changes after submitting their evaluation, when the evaluation is submitted, the status should change to 'Completed' and the link should be disabled. Currently, the status changes, but the link is still enabled.
    (note - report in JIRA as bug please -AZ)
  • (minus) Create a new report that lists each student's answers along with any comments from open-ended questions. This should be available as a pdf.
  • (plus) Scales should be ordered with Strongly Agree on the left and Strongly Disagree on the right. Currently, the delivered scales are in the opposite order. The workaround is to create a custom scale, but if most institutions are in favor of the Strong Agree - Strongly Disagree order, perhaps the custom scales should follow in that manner.
    (note - easy to change this or to add another scale, decide which you prefer and add to JIRA -AZ)
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