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The XML Schema defines eighteen complex types, five simple typesand the element EVAL_DATA.

You will find links to the complex types in the page about EVAL_DATA and other pages linked from there.

Information about each of the simple types can be found here:

The top element in the schema definition also includes the following xsd:annotation element:

	<xsd:documentation xml:lang="en">
		<p>Schema for import and export of data in the Evaluation System. XML elements are
		defined to encode sets and individual instances of these java classes: </p>

		<p>Note: Limits on length of strings are shown for fields that have limited length.
		Other string properties are unbounded.</p>
		<p> UMICH changes: </p>
			<li>Ensure that values are supplied for all integers, booleans, dates etc. Only
			strings can be null.</li>
			<li>Use lower-case names for all elements? Can we switch to camel-case to correspond
			to the property names in the model classes?</li>
			<li>Switch to date-time format for all dates. <a target="_blank"
			<jaxb:package name="org.sakaiproject.evaluation.model"/>
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