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  • Kapil's Subtasks for 0.5 Release
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As of 27th Jan, I am just adding tasks on Sakai JIRA

  1. (tick) Insert administrate settings:
    1. (tick) General:
      1. (tick) i18n implementation.
      2. (tick) whether to use "span" or "label".
      3. (tick) Out of Memory Error.
      4. (tick) Code check in and email Andrew that everything okay.
      5. (tick) $NON-NLS-1$: Internationalization specific.
    2. (tick) Main administrative page:
      1. (tick) Aaron okay with 4 items + 1 button less on actual system as compared with Wireframe.
      2. (tick) Finish work in producer and html file with correct RSF mappings.
      3. (tick) Make some fields as "Yes", "No", and "Configurable" (radio buttons or drop down).
      4. (tick) Save in database using normal bean.
      5. (tick) After submission values not being retained on the webpage..see EvaluationBean continueToSettingsAction for that (same as coming for first time).
      6. (tick) Email Aaron about missing and extra static variables in
      7. (tick) Save in database using BeanLocators. Data goes in config table and you use EvalSettings class. See Antranig's chat here 18th-Jan.
      8. (tick) Pick contants from and get those in removed.
      9. (tick) Do work correspoding to fields in, do the check for null in Bean, Correct drop down values of modifier drop down, inst must use eval drop down, remove the super admin check box, and move scales control to top menu, add field corresponding to REQUIRE_COMMENTS_BLOCK.
      10. (tick) After discussion with Antranig: Do not store Locale specific stuff in database, Remove duplication in, Move the Boolean check in elseif, use Boolean.TRUE instead of new Boolean(true).
      11. (minus) Think if UI can be split in Item, Template, Evaluation Settings.
    3. (tick) Scale control:
      1. (tick) Display all scales with title.
      2. (tick) Display all scales with options.
      3. (tick) Show the Modify and Remove links only if scale not used in some question.
      4. (tick) Checked with Aaron that "Done" button not needed.
      5. (tick) Remove extra lines, move the add link to top menu, and show proper ideal value, see the owner thing of above, move to new confluence, add a task of improving dropdowns.
      6. (minus) Pagination is last priority (also if work on producer and HTML file again, then remove the inconsistency for course/instructor category variable name).
  2. (tick) Verify that 4 parts of system are working for release.
    1. (tick) Create (Will is adding this on Sakai JIRA).
    2. (tick) Assign
      1. (tick) EVALSYS-6.
      2. (tick) EVALSYS-7.
      3. (tick) EVALSYS-8.
    3. (tick) Take eval
      1. (tick) EVALSYS-11
      2. (tick) EVALSYS-13
      3. (tick) Note that changing STOP DATE in database gives a wierd behaviour but right now STOP DATE does not show up on the screen.
    4. (tick) Reports (Will is adding this on Sakai JIRA).
  3. (tick) Use system settings
    1. (tick) Making sure the code uses the system settings (overrides etc.)
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