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  • Hierarchy functional requirements
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Hierarchy notes
**These notes are based on Lisa and Ellen's discussions about functionality needs and looking at the wireframe already up on the contrib site.  We have some questions for Aaron in terms of how these functions from the screenshots included work in the current ColdFusion system.  Also, how much of the design of the hierarchy in the Cold Fusion system is being used for the design in the Course Evaluation System?

Designating who is affiliated (who can add questions, view reports, etc.)

  • Looking at the ModifyUser screen from the wireframe (, it is suggested we have something like "Eval Super Admin" and "Eval Admin" o that it won't be confused with the admin account type in Sakai.
  • We need two options for entering users:
    (a)  manually within the Evaluation System
    (b)  Import file
  • Access levels for users:
    (a)  Full - access to set up templates (add/edit/manage questions), access to view reports, ability to assign access to others in level below current level
    (b)  View Results - access to view reports only
  • Access levels for a user are only valid for the levels of the hierarchy that are checked
  • Must check off each level of hierarchy - should not auto flow down (i.e. if you check off a college/school level, the lower level departments should not be checked off automatically)
  • A "nice-to-have" function:  upload process

Course mapping

  • Looking at the HierarchyControl screen from wireframe (, would like to use the "Modify" link as a way to map the abbreviations to the hierarchy.  We are assuming the abbreviations listed will allow us to map the courses to the particular level of the hierarchy
  • We don't want to assign templates on this screen - this screen would be used to just set up the hierarchy and what courses belong at each level

Setting up Evaluations

  • We based our thoughts on this area based on the AssignEval screen from the wireframe (
  • We see the system traversing the hierarchy to build the evaluations "on the fly" based on the templates that are defined. So, we see a similar view as above, but with dropdown boxes on the right side instead of checkboxes that would list any templates that were defined for that particular level.
  • At each level, only one option can be selected
    • You cannot do select more than one option unless you can define the attributes (out of scope for this project)
  • Security will limit what a user has access to on this screen.  For example, if I am a department eval administrator, the levels above me would actually be "locked" and set to whatever was selected at the levels above by that eval administrator.  I would only have access to set the templates for the courses in my department.
  • Would like to also see a preview button here.  When clicked, it would traverse up the hierarchy and build the evaluation for preview
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