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This documents the work being planned and done on the Sakai version of the Evaluation System.
Note: Any versions before 1.0 are development versions and should not be used in production

Project information

Current Work

  • Hierarchy
    • Aaron is currently working on putting the hierarchical data handling into evaluation, more info is available in JIRA (issues: EVALSYS-242 through EVALSYS-248
  • UI Design
    • If you are interested in helping define and refine the evaluation user experience, please take a look at the work Gonzalo is doing
      Gonzalo Eval Design Work

Status tracking

  • All work related to the evaluation system is tracking in Sakai JIRA in the EVALSYS project
  • Roadmap - upcoming release dates and current issues being worked on
  • Changelog - all resolved issues and info on previous releases
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