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  • 07_08_2009 Boston Sakai Conference BoF
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Boston Sakai Conference EVALSYS BoF

July 8, 2009


Sean DeMonner

1. Coordination of build process across institutions- UMD, UCT, U-M, Cambridge, rSmart

  • Process:
    • post to list to make changes
    • monthly meetings
    • services layer testing; code path testing are priorities
      2. Decision making around changes to trunk* branches should be short term
    • do features need to run locally before going to trunk
  • demoathon of various instances at Tech Demo?
    • decided subsequently to share branch details via screencasts
      3. Coherent user design process (Stephen)
  • Aaron playing backend lead
  • Front end is suffering
    4. Sakai 3 migration plans?

5. Response rates discussion

Action Items:

  • Sean: report to group on U-M findings
  • Sean: Set up monthly technical review
    • branch merges, Sakai 3 migration (RSF .73; service layer, tool itself)
  • Ellen & Stephen: coordinate UI discussion
  • Stephen: get resource to document current functionality and use; gaps
  • All: demoathon Thurs night (decided subsequently to share branch details via screencasts)
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