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This contains information related to the 0.7 release tasks
JIRA tracking:




In Progress=(info)


Defer to next milestone=(error)

Critical Tasks

  1. (tick) JIRA bugs and issues remaining from 0.6 (fill in tasks below)
  2. (tick) Item Renderers Aaron Zeckoski
    1. Create item renderer evolvers
    2. Add renderer for the block items
    3. Test various renderers in preview and functional modes
    4. Update all code that renders items to use renderers
    5. Get rid of code duplication for rendering the various item types
  3. (error) Evaluation Bean split and rewrite - EVALSYS-22
    1. (tick) Split out answers request bean Will Humphries
    2. (minus) Split out evaluationBean into 3 classes
      1. Evaluation creation - session bean
      2. Evaluation modification - request bean
      3. Evaluation util class
        1. (minus) Update evaluation related buttons to links on the control panel view
    3. (minus) Destroy old evaluation bean
  4. (error) Expert Items Aaron Zeckoski
    1. Templates for the expert item process
    2. Preload a small set of expert items
    3. Producers for expert items
    4. Expert item creation (admin tool)
  5. (tick) Write Block item functionality Rui Feng
    1. Split/Remove Block items - EVALSYS-63,EVALSYS-45
  6. (tick) Use System Settings everywhere Rui Feng
    1. (tick) Use System settings of N/A, Category for Block
    2. (tick) Use System settings for maximum number of child items
  7. (error) Administrative Tools Kapil Ahuja
    1. Add/ Modify / Remove scale - EVALSYS-16
  8. (tick) Date utils and making sure that the minimum length of evaluation is enforced Kapil Ahuja - EVALSYS-24
  9. (tick) User input
    1. Make sure dates are input using a date widget
    2. Make sure text is input using WYSIWYG
    3. Make sure no user input can cause XSS attacks
  10. (info) Email functionality Richard Ellis
    1. Scheduling emails (Quartz scheduler)
    2. Links in emails work to take an eval
  11. (tick) Take eval and preview eval should replicate the instructor section for each instructor Will Humphries
    1. May need some changes to the logic layer to support this
  12. (error) Scheduling for evals (registering start, due, etc...) and switching eval states Richard Ellis
  13. (tick) Begin work on external contexts and permissions associated with them Aaron Zeckoski
  14. (tick) Begin work on allowing instructors to add items to evaluations assigned to them Aaron Zeckoski
  15. (error) Preview New Items Will Humphries (defer to 1.0)

Non-critical Tasks

  1. (info) debug: EvalStart page only show public template (it should include private template)
  3. Remove 2 TODO's from EvaluationBean of initializing 100 items. See note there.
  4. the radio button of the first template need to selected by default for Start Eval Page
  5. Create a include file for preview_eval.html and take_eval.html.
  6. Actual sending email:
    1. logic, functionality-- Actual sending email
      1. get siteID
      2. get UserInfo, get userEmail
      3. use EmailService to send email
    2. For sending email we need details of users in a course. So from SITE API get list of users. Then from USER API get details of each user.
    3. For actual sending email refer to the Email API (Email Service class).
  7. On settings page if you use Cancel button several times...sometime something goes wrong.
  8. If you remove items randomly many times you get null pointer in remove producer because of some N/A not set in template Bean (seem to be fixed but need more robust testing).
  9. Improvement: move the setScale to logic layer and clean it more.
  10. Add a comment question to all evaluations (use system setting to determine this)
  11. In see why DetachedCriteria not working.
  12. Resolve bug: Item page check box "N/A" not value binding correctly when "preview" button was clicked before "save" button clicked
  13. Resolve bug: Item Page radio button group "category" not value binding correctly when "preview" button was clicked before "save" button clicked
  14. In assign eval page: Javascript checks on the HTML page (to be done by BeanGuards).
  15. In eval settings page: Javascript checks on the HTML page (to be done by BeanGuards), Calendar should be deferred for a would be supplied by Antraing.
  16. Also, we would use date widgets so don't worry about all this. Use dates wigets by Antranig (see this attached file which is transcript of chat with Antraing
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