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0.5 release is tagged
Make no more changes to this task list, all incomplete tasks must be shifted to the new release


This contains information related to the 0.5 release tasks
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In Progress=(info)


Defer to next milestone=(error)

Critical Tasks

  1. (tick) Shift all app constants into a central location (EvalConstants) Aaron Zeckoski
    1. (tick) Put render constants into EvaluationConstant and deprecate the app constants that are there
  2. Internationalization Will Humphries, Rui Feng
    1. (tick) Break out strings in all producers into properties file
    2. (minus) Use the locale to render all dates and other strings in producers
    3. (tick) Complete all I18N and test various strings and pages
  3. Split current template session bean into 1 session bean and 2 request beans Will Humphries
    1. (tick) templateBBean (for handling ordering and saving title/desc)
    2. (tick) itemsBean (for saving items and associating them with templates)
    3. (tick) Switch command button links over to standard links and send params via GET
  4. Logic layer refactor Aaron Zeckoski
    1. (tick) Split logic layer into multiple beans
    2. (tick) Add test cases for all logic methods
    3. (tick) Implement all logic methods
    4. (tick) Update DAO layer
    5. (tick) Switch producer code over to using new logic layer APIs Rui Feng
    6. (tick) Update EvaluationBean to use the new logic API Rui Feng
    7. (tick) Update old TemplateBean to use the new logic API Rui Feng
    8. (tick) Remove old logic API and IMPL
  5. (tick) Allow templates to be saved with no items associated Aaron Zeckoski
  6. (tick) Do NOT allow evaluations to be created with an empty template Aaron Zeckoski
  7. (tick) Remove the ItemDisplay object from the system Rui Feng
  8. (tick) Remove deprecated methods and constants Rui Feng
  9. Stabilize the data access layer and DB design Aaron Zeckoski
    1. (tick) Update HBMs to remove the old items linkage
    2. (tick) Add TemplateItem persistent object
    3. (tick) Change HBMs to use new TemplateItem
    4. (tick) Update adding items to templates code Will Humphries
    5. (tick) Update getting items from templates code Will Humphries
    6. (tick) Create new database image to post online
  10. Update the handling of Block items Rui Feng
    1. (info) Add all BLOCK child Item to Template
    2. (tick) Write separate static method to filter block Items from template
    3. (tick) Write separate static method get block child items with matching block parent ID
  11. (tick) Administrative Tools (see the detailed tasks here) Kapil Ahuja
    1. (tick) Administrative homepage (including use of WritableBeanLocator thing).
    2. (tick) Scale control.
  12. (tick) Verify that the 4 major parts of the system are working (create template, start eval, take eval, view report) (see the detailed tasks here) Kapil Ahuja
  13. (tick) Use System Settings (see the detailed tasks here) Kapil Ahuja
    1. (tick) Update the code to use the system settings (overrides, defaults, etc...) - EVALSYS-14

Non-critical Tasks

  1. (info) update all the places which uses template.getItems() to use the new logic layer methods Rui Feng
  2. (minus) bug: after a student already take an evaluation, summary page still shows the link for take evalution, student can take it again
  3. (tick) bug: SaveEvaluation with StartDate as today (must put the date in the future at point of save) Rui Feng
  4. (info) debug: EvalStart page only show public template (it should include private template)
    1. (tick) Revisit the 3 TODO's (actually only 1 TODO) of order of options in ITEM_DISPLAY page. Rui Feng
  6. Remove 2 TODO's from EvaluationBean of initializing 100 items. See note there.
  7. the radio button of the first template need to slected by default for Start Eval Page-- now it is not been set
  8. the evlaution bean need to be cleared, if start a new evalution — now it keeps the old value in the page
  9. Create a include file for preview_eval.html and take_eval.html.
  10. Actual sending email:
    1. logic, functionality-- Actual sending email
      1. get siteID
      2. get UserInfo, get userEmail
      3. use EmailService to send email
    2. For sending email we need details of users in a course. So from SITE API get list of users. Then from USER API get details of each user.
    3. For actual sending email refer to the Email API (Email Service class).
  11. On settings page if you use Cancel button several times...sometime something goes wrong.
  12. If you remove items randomly many times you get null pointer in remove producer because of some N/A not set in template Bean (seem to be fixed but need more robust testing).
  13. Improvement: move the setScale to logic layer and clean it more.
  14. Add a comment question to all evaluations (use system setting to determine this)
  15. In see why DetachedCriteria not working.
  16. Resolve bug: Item page check box "N/A" not value binding correctly when "preview" button was clicked before "save" button clicked
  17. Resolve bug: Item Page radio button group "category" not value binding correctly when "preview" button was clicked before "save" button clicked
  18. In assign eval page: Javascript checks on the HTML page (to be done by BeanGuards).
  19. In eval settings page: Javascript checks on the HTML page (to be done by BeanGuards), Calendar should be deferred for a would be supplied by Antraing.
  20. (info) Also, we would use date widgets so don't worry about all this. Use dates wigets by Antranig (see this attached file which is transcript of chat with Antraing Rui Feng
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