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The European Sakai Community

The collaboration site facilitates communications among those in Europe who are Sakai users, who are interested in Sakai projects, and who may be interested in the discussion of pedagogy and technology.
One of the goals is to assist participants in their European-specific applications of educational technology in European universities. The communications should encourage collaboration among European users, including informal meetings and conferences. The site will include discussions of the Bologna Agreement and the subsequent implementations and impact on Sakai.
Contributions in any language are encouraged, but English contributions are preferred (smile) Our South Africa colleagues are encouraged to join.
Tip: This page is not the place where you will find information on who is using Sakai within Europe. For this information, go to

Collab Site

See also the Collab site for this DG, which hosts the Email Archive and other collaboration tools. Note that you need a Collab account to access this link, and if you receive a "Site Unavailable" error, then you probably still need to join the Collab site, which you can do using the Membership tool in your My Workspace after you login to Collab.

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