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Email Template Service


David Horwitz, Aaron Zeckoski, Steven Githens, and Tony Atkins


A service providing localizable and internationalizable email templates for Sakai Applications.

Source at:

Example client code (for Site Info):

example templates

For template syntax, check

Status and Plans:

04-Feb-2008 Awaiting update from Project Lead(s).
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  1. One current bug with the sending out of email from Sakai is that they respect the locale of the user performing the action rather than the locale of the user receiving the message (and even then if the user has just been created the locale should be the system default).

  2. Hi Mathew,

    Thats why the service has a getRenderedTemplateForUser method - the calling service can specify who the recipient of the email is and receive a template in the correct locale.

  3. On 29 September 2008, this project was moved to the Sakai trunk: