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Backup of content from TitanPad

Sakai Documentation Meeting
February 9, 2012

  • Elizabeth Venstra, Indiana University (KB) -- Jonathan Bolte is also here with me
  • Patrick Lynch
  • Lorie Stolarchuk I think I just changed colours :-)
  • Barb Kerns
  • Matt Clare
  • Alan Regan


  • Check-in
  • Confirmation on some style questions

Check Ins:

  • Alan check-in
    • Announcements: 2 pages "first pass," working on third page
    • Roster - have not reviewed but setting up meeting with Barb.  (Barb has done first pass on first two pages of tool.)
  • Lorie
    • No need to capture the WYSIWYG changes as it will be implemented from IU
    • That is--no need to change "WYSIWYG editor" to "rich-text editor"
    • Please DO capture changes in functionality related to FCK -> CK
    • Confirmation of some terms and style questions before jumping in too deeply
    • Connected with partner Nancy HIll on workload breakdown on pages
  • Elizabeth
    • In GoogleDocs using bold should indicate something clickable (e.g. Site Info, Save).
    • (main thing is just to make sure we know what the clickable text is; we will do style editing on our end at IU)
    • Also a key note is fine to bold when strong emphasis is needed (e.g. DO NOT CLICK or NOTE)
  • Matt
    • Making good progress.  Positive collab with Kerrie from Hull.
    • Question about bolding and how to indicate in GoogleDoc
      • At IU, they apply tags called MI (which stands for menu item) that will display as bold or another appropriate format to the end-user.
      • In GoogleDocs use bold for an action, such as tool names (Site Info) or menu items (Add Gradebook item) or action buttons (Save).  On the backend, Elizabeth with change to the MI tags.
      • Elizabeth also noted that we can apply bold to key warnings or notices.  Her example was if we needed to warn someone to avoid something, we could say DO NOT xyz... and bold the DO NOT.  She would apply the appropriate strong emphasis tags on the IU docs.
  • Patrick
    • He's working on the Schedule tool.  They generally refer to it as calendar, but some language in the pages refers to Schedule others to Calendar.
    • Barb offered a distinction when they initially adopted Sakai -- that schedule is the verb (to schedule a meeting) and calendar is the view mode.
    • Patrick said he could work with this distinction.
    • Patrick also asked for some help with the Schedule pages since he's by himself so far.

When referring to the system as a whole -- default language or term?

  • FIRST: Try to reword to not refer to it at all.  Many sentences can be reworded to avoid this issue.
    • Platform: probably would consider the operating system of a computer, so do not use this term
    • Application: IU uses application, but others noted issues since Sakai can be a place to combine multiple applications.
    • LMS: Not LMS -- Patrick pointed out that this term is not universal and would not fly in the UK.
    • folks don't like application
    • system = better?  Eliz mentioned that system might relate to database or backend
    • Again, try to rewrite sentence first to avoid the issue
    • Sakai might work because many try to tell people that's what it is even though rebranded?  (Can find and replace to change locally)
    • consensus seems to be to use Sakai (when necessary)

Question from Barb: what is intended by first pass, revision, and done?

  • Revised language to:
  • First Draft
  • Second Draft
  • Done
  • No Changes
  • Elizabeth pointed out that it's fine to list "no changes" if everything is fine as-is.

Action Items:

  • Alan
    • make site joinable (done, but can only offer "access" view -- best is if the account names are given to me so I can add into the site and set folks to "maintain")
    • share test student accounts with doc list (I think I did this earlier, but will do again. I created 3 faculty accounts and 4 student accounts -- will share on the lists)
    • Give link to the site to doc list for others
    • Email "Using Sakai" about needing another collaborator with Schedule with Patrick


  • Schedule is a verb
  • Calendar is the view

Note for future revisions to technical side: British English vs. US English?  Tool is "Markbook" not "Gradebook" when British English is enabled--does Help tool change to match?  (No one seems to know how this works now.)

  • No, it may not be the language preference that makes it "Markbook"?
  • Is there still value in having the UK English thing. Patrick uses "Gradebook" . . .
  • May be a legacy thing
  • Not a top priority to investigate this much

Someone named David in Spain does the internationalization process-Alan has his name noted somewhere-maybe send something to him once the new content is available

  • i18n (internationalization) contacts
  • Jean-François Levêque ( and Shoji Kajita (kajita@NAGOYA-U.JP)


February 9, 2012

8:27 Elizabeth Venstra: Am I right in assuming there's no audio yet?
8:27 Elizabeth Venstra: Or is anyone talking?
8:28 Patrick Lynch: we seem to need a facilitator
8:30 Elizabeth Venstra: Patrick, do you mean that audio is not enabled on the conference till the facilitator joins?
8:31 Patrick Lynch: Mathieu enabled audio last time
8:34 Lorie Stolarchuk: Hmmm, maybe we use a chat meeting in Titan Pad for now then? I seem to only have participant privileges in BB atm
8:35 Patrick Lynch: we could try my elluminate?
8:36 Lorie Stolarchuk: Guess we lost the Titan Pad for the Jan 26 meeting, so in case you weren't aware, here is the link to last notes|display/ESUP/sakai+doc+meeting+2012-01-26|\
8:37 Lorie Stolarchuk: Patrick, could you send the invitation link to another BB virtual room then?
8:37 Patrick Lynch:
8:37 Elizabeth Venstra: Alan says he's running 7 min behind
8:40 Elizabeth Venstra: is there audio in Patrick's room yet?
8:40 Patrick Lynch: haha I dont know what I am doing
8:41 Patrick Lynch: can anyone talk?
8:41 Elizabeth Venstra: Patrick, did you hear me just now?
8:41 Patrick Lynch: OK seems good
8:43 Elizabeth Venstra: Alan, note we're in PAtrick's elluminate room
8:43 Elizabeth Venstra: at least some of us!
8:44 Alan Regan: Lorie sent that info to me. Booting up the new room... thx!
8:52 Matt Clare: Indiana's documentations states that they need to have an <mi> tag around them: ie: Click <mi>Save</mi> I think the Google docs equivalent is bold?
9:16 Matt Clare: "Markbook" is Gradebook in English (UK)
9:19 Matt Clare: Move to adjourn?
10:41 Alan Regan: NOTE: We said our thank yous in the Elluminate chat...

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