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  • sakai doc meeting 2012-01-26
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Sakai Documentation Meeting
January 26, 2012

  • Lorie Stolarchuk
  • Barb Kerns
  • Matt Clare
  • Patrick Lynch
  • Rebecca Darling
  • Recap from last meeting:
  • Last meeting's notes:
  • Sakai Help Master List 2012
  • New style suggestions: -- Matt C. will add our Google Docs editting practices
    - There was a question about what the deadline was to be for the review on the documents.  
    - Next Sakai release April 12, targeting mid-March for completion
    - Suggestion to send ideas to the Sakai Dev list for further involvement
        - ways to collect end user feedback
    Action Items:
    All tool groups will Try to have three of the pages for each tool completed by next session 9 February
    Notes on documentation completion
  • Deleted text marked as strike-through.  Comments about certain changes to side.  Paste text into document at top.
  • Link to 2.9 site on page
  • To use tool, create an account on the longsight server to test out.
  • Tool name bold/ individual documents with 
  • New feature highlighted in red
  • 2.8 / 2.9 
  • First Announcements document is the example of what to look for link (takes to document itself)
  • Bottom of document is where original content isPractice to track changes – highlight changes in red
  • Try not to resolve comments
  • Highlights to find changes
  • No persecution for forgetting Red Text, etc. try your best
  • Rich text editor portion – anywhere in documentation that refers to text documentation (WYSIWYG) investigation on find and replace, those pages don’t need to be reviewed for now


January 26, 2012

8:30 Matt Clare: Titan pad now?
8:33 Mathieu Plourde: barb, are you joining us on elluminate
8:34 Barb Kerns: Matt - yes, I thought so, but it doesn't seem to be loading. I used the link in the event - any recommendations?
8:42 Matt Clare: Lorie we can'
8:42 Matt Clare: wait, there you are
8:44 Becca: Hi
8:44 Becca: Sorry I'm late
8:44 Mathieu Plourde: hey there
8:44 Becca: Waiting for Elluminate to launch
8:49 Matt Clare: Can hear you
8:50 Lorie Stolarchuk: I just signed up today, so jack for me too!
8:50 Matt Clare: I've signed-up scouted the 2.9 build
8:51 Matt Clare: Also trying to get others locally to write a bit
8:51 Barb Kerns: I was out - just signed up today.
8:54 Matt Clare: I'll hand around for the re-cap
9:02 Lorie Stolarchuk: just trying to help out on what you were talking about for those who aren't here :)
9:02 Lorie Stolarchuk: :)
9:03 Becca: Bye everyone! Thanks!
9:03 Barb Kerns: Thanks, Becca and Mathieu for facilitating. Bye everyone.

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