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Sakai Documentation Meeting
January 12, 2012

  • Elizabeth Venstra (Indiana KB)
  • Mathieu Plourde (University of Delaware)
  • Matt Clare (Brock University)
  • Becca Darling (Wellesley College)
  • Neal Caidin (Duke University)
  • Alan Regan (Pepperdine University)
  • Review tools - Walk through of Master List & Sample content page
  • Notes vs Comments
  • Present Quickstart Expectations & Terminology Guidelines - enough to get new people started?
  • Sign-Up 
  • Bi-weekly meetings are intended to help keep people on track - what is the best use of these meetings? We want to make sure they’re meaningful, powerful & useful
  • Progress reports? Touch base? Challenges? Need help? Larger topics Rich Text Editor vs WYSIWG?
  • Next steps - propose producers set milestones/deadlines for their pages & communicate them in the Google doc
  • Questions?
    Source for the Sakai 2.9 Test Instance & Help Files 
     Use the New Account tool to create an account for yourself. 
     New style suggestions: 
    How do you track the changes which happened in Google docs? - File > Revision History - Presents it linearly.  ... New content in Red? Comment on deleted content, so there's a record of it existing?
    If this gets to be too much work, we can just deal with finding the differences on our own
    Strikethrough is good!
    No, it would not be difficult on our end to deal with strikethrough.
    Either way is probably fine.
    If we know where to look in the doc, we can take it from there.
    So not necessary to make it 100% marked up.
  • New text added in red. * Important * 
  • Removed text, apply strikethrough formatting
  • You can add yourself to the share, so your changes aren't anonymous
  • Use comments first, copy them to notes section at the bottom of the document if you need to resolve the comments or clear space.
    Styleguide quick notes additions
    "Kill all unnecessary prepositions" - Add to the Styleguide quick notes
    Capitalize the first word and then any proper noun in the title (Name of tool is generally capitalized)
    Link text in the left nav would need to be changed by someone outside this group. No guarantee anyone who can do the work would have time.
    FYI: in the case of new documents--in some cases, there might be existing content in the IU domains that is not yet in the Sakai help.
    Not sure if this is the same feature or not: 
    (as the new reorder announcements feature)
    So--not the same.
    Brock University may also have some, we'll add where we can.
    WYSIWYG editor  - accuracy is primary characteristic - is the documentation accurate for CK editor and FCK editor -- 
    Elizabeth says global change for WYSIWYG to Rich Text Editor request is in the queue :) 
    --I will check at some point, and then can easily implement on my end.
    * There is one document that refers to FCK editor by name; will need to pay attention to.
    If there are differences in screenshots between FCK/CK, we'll definitely want to get new screenshots . . .
    IU will still be using FCK till at least next December/January, for reference.
    Timeline: we think mid-March-ish to have content reviewed
    Software release scheduled for April 12.
    Chicago Manual of Style is our back-up guide too.
    We use only "click", never "click on", and I'm going to be very resistant to changing that.
    However--we can get that on our end.  Don't worry too much about style . . .
    Sam O at Longsight is working on a way to get changes directly into trunk skipping the Cape Town process (and bypassing the IU repository, I assume) ... we need to make sure we have our docs & ducks in a row.  
    Re which docs are being pulled right now: Jonathan and I are trying to figure that out, but lots of things keep distracting our attention from that.  :( -Elizabeth
    Once the files are listed in trunk, what happens afterwards? Drupal-based? 
     -- All for a new process, but as we approach it, Drupal isn't the most colaborative tool
    Future Meeting Topics:
    CK/FCK editors
    Talk about Longsight-built central tool for community management of documentation
    [after march] Future - Future conversation - expanding help formats to other media, such as video
    ---Alan, we'll check in with a to-do list for follow-up from the call?
    Action Items:
  • DONE--Alan: update style guide to reflect note about page titles (capitalization and proper nouns)
  • Becca: calling all writers -- notice to get more participation to review tools and sign up (one producer per tool, several collaborators to help with writing, editing, etc.)
  • I can issue a general call and reminder.  Sweet.  Thanks!
  • Becca: Update workflow conventions for editing (Comments vs notes) red & strikethroughs
  • All teams: begin work.  As Mathieu said, we're now in production. The sooner we get started, the better.  As we run into questions, post them to the documentation listserv.
  • IN PROGRESS--Alan: Follow up with Sam from Longsight on Drupal tool to update the help files directly
  • Elizabeth: try to determine which docs are being pulled for the Sakai help files system
  • Alan: research Elizabeth's questions about what happens long-term for sustainability of doc files for Sakai Help.  Also, help IU determine how they will use IU KB moving forward for Sakai files?
    Wow. I think that's almost it. 
    I think so, too.  Yeah!
    Hooray! :) 
    Thx, Becca.  Enjoy some lunch!
    Thanks :) that's the plan :) talk to you soon
    Cool.  Be good.

Chat Room Notes

January 12, 2012

8:23 Becca: Hi. Sorry I'm late - or barely just in time
8:23 Mathieu Plourde: You're 7 minutes early
8:25 Becca: :P Late for facilitating a conversation :)
8:26 Mathieu Plourde: You would have been talking to yourself anyway ;-)
8:27 Elizabeth Venstra: Is there any audio yet?
8:27 Elizabeth Venstra: I can't hear anything.
8:28 Becca: I'm talking now
8:28 Elizabeth Venstra: Oh okay
8:28 Elizabeth Venstra: I fixed on my end.
8:28 Mathieu Plourde: the chat in Elluminate is disabled
8:29 Mathieu Plourde: (for mugles)
8:33 Mathieu Plourde: If you can't hear anything, take your fingers out of your ears.
8:33 Matt Clare: Tools > Audio > "Audio Setup Wizard" often helps with audio
8:35 Alan Regan: Neal, can you hear in the Elluminate session?
8:35 Neal Caidin: Yes
8:35 Mathieu Plourde: Someone needs to sing a show tune during downtimes
8:35 Neal Caidin: wizard helped
8:35 Neal Caidin: thanks
8:35 Neal Caidin: (I may have to step away, now and then, but don't wait for me)
8:35 Mathieu Plourde: +1
8:37 Mathieu Plourde: i'm in
8:37 Alan Regan: From the Google Doc link, please open "Sakai Help Master List 2012"
8:41 Matt Clare: Owww, fancy!
8:41 Mathieu Plourde: Sounds like a plan
8:45 Mathieu Plourde: Great process. Should resolve some of the issues we encountered before.
8:45 Mathieu Plourde: you can use the history feature in Docs
8:45 Matt Clare: File > See Revision History
8:46 Matt Clare: It's no diff -- but I think it's a compromise worth making
8:46 Mathieu Plourde: Agreed, the revision history is a bit complicated
8:46 Mathieu Plourde: the original content as a reference is a good idea
8:48 Matt Clare: Typing in red's an option - the challenge is ensuring that others we rope in to help being aware of all conventions
8:49 Matt Clare: .... red it is?
8:49 Mathieu Plourde: Strikethrough for deleted content?
8:50 Mathieu Plourde: +1 for strikethrough
8:50 Matt Clare: For clarification -- replace is in re too?
8:51 Matt Clare: red
8:51 Mathieu Plourde: Alt-Shift-5
8:51 Matt Clare: so agreed!
8:52 Mathieu Plourde: +1
8:53 Matt Clare: I think if you're signed into GDocs your name is associated?
8:53 Becca: Matt, can you check?
8:53 Mathieu Plourde: just addedd myself to the document group
8:54 Mathieu Plourde: or collection in GDocs
8:54 Matt Clare: Just edited main doc, Forums
8:54 Matt Clare: Is my name there for others as a collab?
8:55 Becca: No. You're still showing up as Anon User
8:55 Matt Clare: D'oh
8:56 Neal Caidin: yes
8:56 Matt Clare: yup
8:56 Mathieu Plourde: yes
8:58 Becca: Thanks Elizabeth and Matt :)
8:59 Matt Clare: Yes - and the backend work for adding that feature to 2.8.1 went great! (SAK-20151) ;)
9:00 Alan Regan: Thanks, Matt. That QA was, er, interesting? Ha.
9:03 Elizabeth Venstra: I would want to avoid too much reference to FCK vs. CK
9:03 Elizabeth Venstra: because end users won't understand
9:03 Matt Clare: If we tried to document both tools that could really grow the scope of the project
9:04 Neal Caidin: What is the overall timeline?
9:05 Neal Caidin: Okay, good, so it is not tomorrow.
9:05 Neal Caidin: :-)
9:05 Mathieu Plourde: Docs or ducks in a row?
9:05 Matt Clare: Punny!
9:05 Elizabeth Venstra: :)
9:07 Mathieu Plourde: dang... I've been selling the Thread idea for a while...
9:09 Mathieu Plourde: what about click versus click on?
9:09 Mathieu Plourde: nope
9:10 Matt Clare: Chicago it is
9:10 Mathieu Plourde: agreed
9:10 Mathieu Plourde: should be added to the guide
9:11 Elizabeth Venstra: +1
9:11 Neal Caidin: +1
9:11 Elizabeth Venstra: our style guide is long!
9:13 Mathieu Plourde: I think we should make suggestions anayway for the nav titles
9:15 Mathieu Plourde: +1 for Sam
9:15 Matt Clare: Get your Docs and duck in a row: remove anything fowl
9:15 Becca: Absolutely :) +1 for Sam
9:15 Neal Caidin: It sounds good though I have no idea what the Cape Town proces is
9:16 Matt Clare: No one really has an idea of what the Cape Town process is
9:17 Mathieu Plourde: Yes, I like that. a book for each version
9:18 Neal Caidin: Is there any thought, long term, on documentation using video?
9:18 Mathieu Plourde: @Neal: branding is the issue, in my opinion
9:18 Neal Caidin: What is the branding issue?
9:19 Matt Clare: Branding... accents....
9:19 Mathieu Plourde: We could create scenarios, storyboards, etc.
9:19 Neal Caidin: okay.
9:19 Neal Caidin: I get it.
9:19 Matt Clare: No DoUbt
9:19 Mathieu Plourde: Our faculty don't like videos
9:19 Elizabeth Venstra: interesting
9:19 Mathieu Plourde: we do, but they don't
9:19 Matt Clare: For the record, ours do
9:20 Mathieu Plourde: they like step by step pdfs
9:20 Matt Clare: Reordering is almost always best explained as a video
9:20 Matt Clare: Gotta' run in 2 min
9:21 Becca: kk moving forward quickly
9:21 Mathieu Plourde: agreed
9:22 Neal Caidin: lost sound
9:22 Becca: talking about meeting use
9:23 Neal Caidin: ok
9:23 Matt Clare: Gotta run now, but if you'd like others to... chair/do most of the talking feel free to ask
9:24 Matt Clare: bye
9:24 Becca: bye! Thanks!
9:24 Mathieu Plourde: no, this is fine
9:24 Elizabeth Venstra: I don't have strong feelings either way on that
9:24 Neal Caidin: I think this was fine
9:24 Mathieu Plourde: At this point, we're in production mode
9:24 Neal Caidin: I'm going to start lite and see how it goes for me
9:25 Mathieu Plourde: we need check points
9:25 Neal Caidin: (signing up for documenting)
9:25 Mathieu Plourde: every two weeks, during the meeting
9:26 Mathieu Plourde: BTW, i signed-up for the Announcments tool, but I'll be out next week, so Alan feel free to jump in
9:26 Alan Regan: Sounds good, Mathieu.
9:27 Mathieu Plourde: nope, thanks for the prerp work in GDocs. Looks aweseome!
9:28 Mathieu Plourde: ok, see y'all!
9:28 Alan Regan: Thx!
9:28 Elizabeth Venstra: Okay, thanks!
9:28 Neal Caidin: Thanks
9:28 Becca: Thanks all!

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