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Review Team Members (alphabetical):

  • Robin Hill, University of Wyoming
  • Alan Regan, Pepperdine University

NOTE: Stanford's review contact is Jackie Mai,

Identified Concerns:

  • Audience: I applaud the writers for adding a much needed improvement to the overview page. They have added categories that help provide more context to the links. Great work!  I would like to build even further on this enhancement.
    • For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a student. How easy is it to find pages that are specific to student users?  I think we can improve the home page even further by clarifying which pages are for test takers (students) and test creators or makers (instructors).
    • On all subsequent pages, it may be beneficial to list the primary audience for the page on the page itself. This way, a student or instructor doesn't have to skim content to see if the page is meant for them or not. If we can identify the audience at the top of each page, this may be a benefit to our users.
  • Order: The order of the pages in the left navigation and on the overview page is unclear. Why are the pages listed in this specific order?
  • Links or Headings: I discovered that the page headings sometimes do not match the page titles in the left navigation (e.g. "Create survey" link in help menu vs. "Creating a survey" as heading of the page). I am not sure if this is intended (for expanding keyword searches) or accidental. I'd like to learn more about the reasoning for the two sets of wording.
  • Anchors: Not all pages have "top" anchor names.
  • Breadcrumb: Would it be helpful to provide a "back" link to the home page of the tool at the top and bottom of every page?
  • Localization: Doesn't seem that all of the pages have equivalent pages in some foreign languages. Missing languages noted in "Source for Help Files" section below.

Proposed Page Changes

(Listed in the same order as the left navigation of the Help tool. This is not necessarily the order we recommend for the final pages.)

Source for Help Files:

1 Comment

  1. NOTE: I organized the child pages in the order that the pages are listed in the left hand navigation within the help tool. Also, the page titles match the titles in the left menu of the tool, too.